A Growing Passion for Events Management

Choosing to transition into DIEM was the missing puzzle piece to finding my passion all along. (PHOTO: Pixabay)

A key decision that ignited my passion for events management.

Choosing to transition into DIEM was the missing puzzle piece to finding my passion all along. (PHOTO: Pixabay)

As a student from Republic Polytechnic (RP), I realised that my journey has not been as smooth-sailing as I imagined. 

Like any other student going into polytechnic for the first time, I too faced the difficulties of making critical decisions for myself.

Digging deeper, I realised that fear and hesitation held me back from making certain decisions for myself throughout my journey in RP. This was especially evident in my first semester. when I struggled to make a decision which would define the rest of my polytechnic years.

Turns out, this tough decision that I had, became a blessing in disguise.


In my first semester in RP, I was enrolled under the Common Business Programme (CBP). I attended numerous diploma talks, workshops and Education and Career Guidance (ECG) lessons. 

Among these experiences, the Diploma Discovery Journey stood out the most in my eyes. It provided me with hands-on experience, allowing me to learn and understand the various diplomas offered by the School of Management and Communication (SMC) and the School of Hospitality (SOH).

However, when it came time to make a choice, I was overwhelmed with uncertainty and apprehension. The fear of making the wrong decision crept into my mind. I was afraid that one choice I made could potentially affect my future.

Instead of letting these emotions overpower me, I chose to consult the ECG Counsellor in school, seeking guidance along with my friends. This decision allowed me to gain valuable insights from an experienced point of view. 

Students in RP can scan the QR Code above to set up an appointment with the ECG Counsellors available if in doubt regarding academic matters. (PHOTO: Republic Polytechnic Official Website; ECG Counseling)

After consulting with the ECG counsellor, I had a clearer idea of my future. I decided to go for the diploma in Integrated Events Management (DIEM) based on my interests and aspirations after graduation.


Transitioning from CBP to DIEM was not a walk in the park. 

The workload and expectations for the modules were significantly more demanding. As someone who just started to get into the events world, everything seemed foreign and confusing.

In the beginning, I had doubts whether I had made the right choice; I felt out of place and doubted how beneficial DIEM would be for me and my future career. Many questions swarmed into my mind.

“Is this what I really want to pursue?” 

“Do I really have the passion for events?”


However, I saw light at the end of the tunnel when I entered my second year of studies.

What changed my outlook towards DIEM was the class event, a requirement of my Event Technology and Operations module. 

Nur Qistina Humaira binte Mohammad Sarbani (Left) designing Henna design for the team’s booth activity, at the end of semester class event. (PHOTO: Mr David Thomas) 

The task was challenging yet thrilling. I was tasked to plan and execute both booth activities and performances based on different countries in Asia as a class.

Teamwork and decision-making was required. It was a very thrilling hands-on experience to instil knowledge about the behind the scenes operations of an event. 

Additionally, executing this event alongside my classmates was a memorable experience for me. It was this exact experience that sparked my passion for events management.


My journey from year one to year two has allowed me to experience and explore various things, leading to valuable takeaways.

One important lesson I learned is to not be afraid to make decisions and take a step into the unknown. Embracing the unknown can open up doors to many opportunities and for personal growth. 

While the initial fear of the unknown can be intimidating, often it is the driving force towards our goals and aspirations. So, rather than allowing fear to hold you back, instead embrace it!

Moreover, whenever you are on the fence, approach and seek guidance from your mentors or ECG counsellors. 

You never walk alone as there is always help available to assist and push you into achieving your goals and aspirations. 

As you embark onto the upcoming Semester 2, I wish you the very best on your journey at RP!