A New Way to Appreciate The Arts in Singapore

A New Way to Appreciate The Arts in Singapore (Feature Image)

Students from Dharma Endari weave cultural tales through the mesmerising artistry of Malay dance, captivating audiences during RP's Open House. (PHOTO: Photo Republic)

Have you ever wondered how you can enjoy and dive into Singapore’s vibrant arts scene and even share your creative talent with the public? With the trendy platform Catch, you have all you need to appreciate Singapore’s artistic culture better.

A New Way to Appreciate The Arts in Singapore (Feature Image)

Students from Dharma Endari weave cultural tales through the mesmerising artistry of Malay dance, captivating audiences during RP's Open House. (PHOTO: Photo Republic)

When was the last time you went to an art exhibition or a performance? If you struggled to find ways to navigate through Singapore’s vibrant arts scene, you are not alone. More often than not, the information provided for us is just not enough. 

Event listings are offered by platforms like Eventbrite and Peatix; however, they barely scratch the surface by only listing arts events without providing in-depth details for viewers’ reference. More information about the arts scene is sought after by the people, who crave interesting, immersive, and illustrative ways to experience the Singapore arts scene.

Navigating the Cultural Landscape

Finding clear information about new art exhibitions and live performances can be overwhelming, and the details you find may not be what you need.

“Unless I take the initiative to search for the events, I feel like it does not appear to you. When I need to dig deeper to find the information I need, it makes me lose the motivation to find out more about the event,” shared Clarita Moncy, 20, a third-year Business student, as she expressed her frustration when navigating through websites to find out more about the arts and culture scene in Singapore. 

Some sites are hard to navigate or simply do not offer a variety of showcases about the cultural environment in Singapore, which leaves individuals needing to find more information elsewhere. This might be too time-consuming for them, resulting in them losing interest and giving up their search.

Meanwhile, the existing platforms focus primarily on ticket bookings, falling short in providing more information about the arts scene, such as background information and artist profiles. 

“I want to know if the event is free, the duration, information about the artistes, pieces they will be performing, and more! Having these key details from the website would make it clearer for me to understand the event,” said Clarita. This leaves art enthusiasts hungry for more details about Singapore’s arts scene. 

Introducing Catch: Your Arts Haven in Singapore

Launched in September 2023 with extensive arts and culture listings and engaging content, Catch serves as a one-stop portal to the rich artistic heritage and contemporary creativity of Singapore. The public can read about arts and culture topics, events, interviews, and even purchase tickets directly from the portal.

Catch's beta website screencapture
Customise your arts and culture experience with tailored event searches across various categories to suit your taste. (PHOTO: catch.sg)

Catch is always up-to-date with the hottest arts and culture events happening in Singapore. 

Unlike other sites, Catch has editorials like articles and listicles where people share their opinions on an event enabling you to dive deep into what the event is about and if it is worth your time and money! It is user-friendly and not overwhelming to navigate through. 

Plus, you can personalise your choices to your liking to find more events that suit your taste!

Catch's "Editor's Top Picks" screen
A curated selection of must-read articles spotlighting the best arts and culture events in Singapore. (PHOTO: catch.sg)

With Catch, it is like when art meets your vibe.

Just Catch It!

Excitement brewed when Catch launched their music video that promises to be a visual treat! This music video is an explosion of colours, rhythms and talents featuring Singapore artists like Aisyah Aziz, Sezairi, ABANGSAPAU and Shye to captivate the audience.

The music video brings together dancers, literary artists, musicians and many more, showcasing Singapore’s diverse artistic community and inviting everyone to enjoy the colourful arts scene.

Just Catch It music video featuring Singaporean artistes like Aisyah Aziz, Sezairi, ABANGSAPAU and Shye to captivate the audience. (VIDEO: CATCH on Youtube)

Adrenna Nora, 19, a third-year Mass Communication student, was part of the production team that gathered together all the art practitioners featured within the music video. With this being her first full day-long production shoot during her internship, she shared her experiences and what she gained from this. One challenge she recalled was having a good rapport with the art practitioners.

“I had to learn how to liaise with different artists as this is something we do not learn in school. Having a good relationship with the art practitioners is important to us because we want to uplift and recognise them for their art and talent,” expressed Adrenna.

Behind-the-scenes of the Just Catch It music video
Amidst the pulsating beats and bright lights, the music video captures the raw passion and emotions the artistry brings to life. (PHOTO: Adrenna Nora)

It is not just a music video; it is a collaboration of art in its various forms, giving us an exclusive glimpse into what happens in the diverse artistic world.
“But more importantly, (it) is to see the arts in Singapore in a different way; that there is so much more they can explore and how they can Just Catch the arts!” Adrenna conveyed, as she hoped to gain the audience’s appreciation of the music video and the diversity it holds.

Elevating RP’s Performing Arts Scene

Catch holds immense potential not only for discovering events, as it is also a platform filled with opportunities for the audience to involve themselves in the arts scene. 

It benefits both performers and consumers of the arts. Students can use this platform to share their performances as a performer and take in the art events Singapore has to offer as a consumer of the arts. 

Noor Ashika, 19, a member of the Operation Theatre interest group in RP, and an art enthusiast, expressed her interest in using Catch for her school and her own future art adventures in Singapore. 
Catch seems like a great platform to publicise your performance, and share works done by myself. Since I am in a Drama interest group, we often perform pieces that speak about different social issues and we constantly want to spread our message to a larger community so I think Catch will be a great platform for artists to share their works,” said Ashika.

RP's Operation Theatre IG
Captivating their audience with their immersive storytelling, actors from Operational Theatre at RP retell a classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk named Ah Boy and the Beanstalk. (PHOTO: Photo Republic)

“Only by watching other arts are we able to improve our own art; by expanding our creativity and knowledge. I really think Catch will be a good platform to find other artistic events to attend in Singapore,” Ashika continued.

Are you ready to CATCH some good stuff?

Explore a new, personalised way of discovering and appreciating the arts in Singapore with Catch, your gateway to exploring a diverse tapestry of art in all its forms at your fingertips. Do not wait any longer and Just Catch It!

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