A taste of convenience: Quick bites for students at Kueh and Rolls 

Kueh and Rolls, which is owned by third-year Business student Mirza Rusyaidi, enjoys brisk business since it opened in October this year. (PHOTO: Nur ‘Aisyah Binte Mohamed Ali Imran)

If you are looking for a quick bite or mid-day snacks, Kueh and Rolls has what you are looking for.

Kueh and Rolls, which is owned by third-year Business student Mirza Rusyaidi, enjoys brisk business since it opened in October this year. (PHOTO: Nur ‘Aisyah Binte Mohamed Ali Imran)

If you are like me, lunchtime at Republic Polytechnic can be a hassle as it means joining the long queues at our canteens. 

Sometimes, I just grab a bite from 7-Eleven. The frozen meals might not be a healthy choice but judging from the snaking queues at 7-Eleven every lunch break, it seems that this is a popular option. 

That’s before Kueh and Rolls came into the picture. Ever since the Muslim-owned stall opened at Lawn in October last year, students now have an alternative to 7-Eleven’s onigiri. It is easy to spot Kueh and Rolls with its simply designed green signboard and digital menu. 

A start-up by third-year Business Student Mirza Ruisyaidi, Kueh and Rolls offers a variety of kimbaps and traditional kuehs. You don’t see snaking queues at the stall because the kimbaps are prepared in advance and can be picked up during the breaks

The stall operates from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and is gearing up to launch its online ordering platform in January 2024, enhancing convenience for customers.

Kueh and  Rolls specialises in two main courses. They are kimbap rolls and kuehs which are traditional Malay desserts. Their menu includes tuna mayo kimbap rolls, kimchi, puteri salat and ondeh-ondeh.

Excited to explore this new stall, I could not resist trying out their menu myself. 


The first item I tried was the tuna mayo kimbap rolls. I was drawn to the kimbap rolls as they looked appetising. Each kimbap is packed full of fresh ingredients. 

The tuna mayo kimbap is made in-house from scratch. (PHOTO: Nur Farahjihan Binte Rasid)

At $5.60 for a box of 8 pieces, the kimbap rolls are a steal.

At the first bite, I could taste the creamy texture of the tuna mayo filling. The creamy texture was complemented by the crunchy texture of the vegetables, creating a perfectly balanced kimbap roll. 

The rice in the kimbap has just the perfect texture – it is neither too dry nor too sticky, enhancing my enjoyment with every delightful bite. The seaweed wrap held the ingredients together allowing me to devour the kimbap without having to worry about making a mess.

Eating the tuna mayo kimbap felt like a little taste of Korea.

These bite-sized treats made with great care and precision are the perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day.

Following a satisfying meal of kimbap, a lingering craving for dessert led me to try out the kuehs offered by the stall. Intrigued by the many choices, I decided to indulge in their Kueh ondeh-ondeh.

Ondeh-ondeh is a Malay traditional treat made from glutinous rice flour filled with rich palm sugar.  

A packet containing six pieces of Ondeh-ondeh is priced at $1.80.  (PHOTO: Nur ‘Aisyah Binte Mohamed Ali Imran)

The sweet earthy taste of the palm sugar burst from within the ondeh-ondeh. The coconut bits on the outside of the ball add to the soft texture of the ball.

The palm sugar in these ondeh-ondeh is not just sweet but adds a kind of richness that makes it taste even better. With each ondeh-ondeh I popped into my mouth, every bite unfolded as an enjoyable discovery. 

Compared to the other ondeh-ondeh I have tried from other locations, this particular one is among the best that I have ever had. It stands out due to the perfect balance that is achieved between the flour and palm components. Here, the flavours blend perfectly and one flavour did not overpower the other. 


Overall, I think Kueh and Rolls has a very unique approach because it serves Malay and Korean food. However, what appealed to me most was that everything was served to fit the busy schedule of a student. Being a student myself, I understand the desire to quickly grab something small so that we can return to class and complete our assignments, which is what Kueh and Rolls excel in.

If you are on the lookout for something quick and delicious, go check out Kueh and Rolls!