A Walk Down Memory Lane with DMC Alumni

Alumni and facilitators at the DMC Homecoming 2024, where they reconnected with one another over chips and ice cream. (PHOTO: Siti Nur Haziqah Binte Nor Shariman)

DMC alumni from as far as 10 years ago reunited at the diploma’s homecoming event, the first in a decade, where they shared fond memories of their polytechnic journey.

Alumni and facilitators at the DMC Homecoming 2024, where they reconnected with one another over chips and ice cream. (PHOTO: Siti Nur Haziqah Binte Nor Shariman)

The DMC Alumni Homecoming 2024 marked a significant milestone as it brought together graduates from the Diploma in Mass Communication (DMC) at Republic Polytechnic after a decade. The event, held on 6 Jan 2024 at Agora Hall 1, was a momentous occasion that saw approximately 105 alumni in attendance, said DMC Programme Chair Ms Joanna Lim.

The event provided a platform for alumni to reconnect, reminisce about their time at DMC, and reflect on the impact of their education on their professional and personal lives.

Remembering the good times

The joy of reuniting with old friends and lecturers was palpable. Take for example, alumni from the Class of 2022, Muhammad Nazirul Asrar, Irdina Marsha, Rachelle Evangelista, Krystal Han, and Zeph Wong; all 21 this year, who remembered with fondness the time they spent at RP. They recalled eating Mala together and the funny encounters they had during home-based learning.   

Nazirul shared: “This event was like putting together pieces of a puzzle. The joy of seeing familiar faces made it all worthwhile.”

Nazirul (far left), Marsya, Rachelle, Krystal and Zeph bonding over the food served at the DMC Homecoming Event. (PHOTO: Nuur Umairah Binte Nasir)

Also present at the homecoming were husband-and-wife Karthik Mohan, 33, and Sakina Khaliq, 34, who met in RP. They graduated in 2010 and 2009 respectively. 

Karthik said: “I came here hoping to see my friends whom I’ve lost contact with and to connect with lecturers who taught me in the past.” 

Indeed, the homecoming was a platform for alumni to catch up with one another after they graduated. Some of the recent graduates who are in the media and communication industry said DMC gave them a good foundation for the work they are doing. 

Sakina, who used to teach and is now a housewife, said her role as chief editor of The Republican Post when she was a student was the most memorable experience. She added: “Even though I entered a different industry after graduation, I took a lot of the journalism skills along with me.”

Karthik, who works in strategic communications, praised the DMC curriculum for training students to be well-rounded, excelling not just in writing but also in presenting themselves effectively.

Sakina and Karthik walking down the memory lane of pictures. (PHOTO: Nuur Umairah Binte Nasir)

Zeph, who completed the Professional Communications programme at RMIT a few months ago, shared: “DMC gave me a lot of knowledge that helped me keep up with students who had studied longer in university.”

Others echoed the sentiments, underscoring how the programme’s emphasis on content creation and presentation skills played a crucial role in shaping their professional lives.

Ties that bind

DMC Programme Chair Ms Joanna Lim, who has been with RP since 2011, was happy with the turnout.

She said: “RP must have done something right for them, which is why they are willing to come back.” 

Ms Lim encouraged the alumni to continue partnering with RP, inspiring future generations.

Ms Chan Yen Ting, a senior lecturer with over 12 years of experience at RP and the organiser of this event, described the significance of the homecoming as “heartwarming.” 

“When you see them after so many years, they still feel very fondly for the school, for the diploma, for the lecturers, for their cohort mates. So, that is very valuable,” said Ms Chan.

Alumni engaging in a conversation with Ms Chan Yen Ting. (PHOTO: Nuur Umairah Binte Nasir)

Overall, the DMC Alumni Homecoming 2024 was not merely a reunion; it was a heartwarming and significant event that brought together alumni from various batches, providing a platform for them to reconnect, share memories, and look forward to the future. The event underscored the enduring impact of the DMC programme and the strong bonds formed among its alumni, highlighting the ongoing commitment to undoubtedly inspire future generations of DMC students.