All set for a healthy start: SHL and CNB presents two events to encourage youths to stay drug free

Event posters for SMASH IT! 2024 Youth Badminton Competition (right) and Voices of Victory, for participants’ reference. Registration deadlines for the events are on Dec 22 and Dec 29, respectively. (PHOTO: Aaron Chen Angus & Jeremy Zhan)

Register now to join Voices of Victory Talent Competition and SMASH IT! 2024 Youth Badminton Competition organised by Republic Polytechnic’s School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL) and supported by the Central Narcotics Bureau as part of DrugFreeSG.

Event posters for SMASH IT! 2024 Youth Badminton Competition (right) and Voices of Victory, for participants’ reference. Registration deadlines for the events are on Dec 22 and Dec 29, respectively. (PHOTO: Aaron Chen Angus & Jeremy Zhan)

Set to unfold next year on Jan 20 for Voices of Victory and Jan 21 for SMASH IT!, this dual-event initiative aims to identify and elevate emerging talents, at the same time engages the community in promoting a drug-free lifestyle. 

Voices of Victory not only aims to crown exceptional talents in singing and dancing, but also seamlessly transition into a vibrant AfterParty event for participants and attendees. 

Adding a dynamic sports dimension to the festivities, the SMASH IT! Competition, supported by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA), adds on an anti-drug theme, bringing together sports enthusiasts and serves as a platform for promoting information on leading a drug-free lifestyle. 

From the vibrant Voices of Victory event at RP to the spirited Youth Badminton Competition at Our Tampines Hub, these events, organised in collaboration with the CNB, pledge to inspire, entertain, and advocate for a healthier society in Singapore.


RP showcases green light-display at TRCC in efforts to support a DrugFreeSG initiative as part of a collaboration between SHL and CNB in 2022. (PHOTO: Jeremy Zhan)

According to Mr Jeremy Zhan, lecturer at SHL, CNB and RP started collaborating in 2021. It was firstly through a module, S341: Youth Health, where students competed in an anti-drug poster design competition. In 2022, the students competed in an anti-drug article competition.

“In the same year, the collaborations involved Teck Ghee CSN, a grassroots organisation that engages the community in sports to partake in raising awareness of a drug-free lifestyle through a 3km walk at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park,” said Mr Zhan, who is a member of the organising committee for SMASH IT! 2024 Youth Badminton Competition

Additionally, RP, alongside CNB and 34 other organisations, participated in the #DrugFreeSG Light-Up on 26 June 2022. This marked RP’s first involvement for the campaign, a testament to the polytechnic’s commitment to the anti-drug cause.


One of the live performances held at Our Tampines Hub under ‘Milestones Make Moments’, for DrugFreeSG Carnival earlier this year on June 24. (PHOTO: Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore)

The Voices of Victory competition comprises three phases: online auditions, semi-finals, and finals. Winners of the competition have the chance to win prizes and benefits, including cash prizes of up to a total of $3,600.

Of all the contestants, 20 of them will secure a contract with iGet Entertainment — this provides promising opportunities for their artistic careers by helping them uphold their vocal or dance talents to the next level. The contestants will also enjoy reduced rates for studio recording sessions and access to dance facilities. 

Beyond the stage, Voices of Victory seeks to engage the broader community comprehensively. Families, peers, and local organisations are invited to participate actively, extending the anti-drug message beyond the immediate participants to a wider range of audience.

Mr Aaron Chen Angus, Senior Lecturer (Industry), and member of the organising committee for Voices of Victory, shared: “In the Voices of Victory event, we have engaged high-level performers in the music and dance scene, who have already achieved success in promoting a drug-free ethos, we can leverage their influence as advocates.”

Voices of Victory stands as a platform for anti-drug advocacy. Attendees, both on-site and online viewers, are encouraged not only to witness the performances but also to actively participate in the broader anti-drug movement.

This involvement can take the form of pledges to uphold a drug-free lifestyle or engagement in follow-up advocacy events, turning the competition into a rallying point for those committed to combating drug abuse.

Reflecting on past initiatives from the Drug Free SG campaign, this competition aligns with a tradition of impactful events aimed at fostering a drug-free Singapore. By leveraging the power of artistic expression, community engagement, and advocacy, Voices of Victory builds on the momentum of previous efforts, contributing to a collective and sustained drive toward a healthier and drug-free society.

“Artistic expression plays a crucial role in promoting a drug-free lifestyle, especially in a vibrant cultural hub like Singapore. Through their unique talents in dancing and singing, artists have the power to convey compelling messages about healthy living and the importance of abstaining from substance abuse,” said Mr Angus.

He added: “These artists serve not only as role models but also as catalysts in fostering a community of like-minded individuals. Such a community is essential for nurturing a supportive environment where success in the arts can be achieved without resorting to drug use. This approach helps in building a wholesome and resilient artistic community, dedicated to celebrating success through healthy, drug-free means.”


SMASH IT! 2024, will be situated at Our Tampines Hub Community Auditorium, where the Asian Dodgeball Championship was held later this year on Nov 18. (PHOTO: Our Tampines Hub)

In parallel to Voices of Victory, the SMASH IT! 2024 Badminton Competition, stands as another key event in encouraging a drug-free lifestyle in Singapore.

There are nine categories for competing in the badminton doubles, participants can choose to compete in a team of men, women, or a mix of both genders. 

The objectives of the SMASH IT! aligns with the broader mission of the Drug Free SG campaign. Beyond being a recreational pursuit, the competition actively encourages youths to play a greater role in advocating for a drug-free lifestyle.

“The youth badminton event promotes positive values as it emphasises and reinforces positive values such as sportsmanship, fair play, and integrity both on and off the badminton court. It also encourages a culture of respect, teamwork, and healthy competition that extends beyond the competition,” shared Mr Zhan.

By fostering a sense of community responsibility, the programme aims to safeguard a society where everyone can work, live, and play safely.

Moreover, the badminton competition is more than just a sports event – it is a dedicated activity that contributes significantly to the health and well-being of youths in the community. 

“The event fosters a sense of community among youth participants, creating a supportive network that encourages healthy choices, and helps to strengthen relationships among players, coaches, and families, contributing to a cohesive and positive community atmosphere,” commented Mr Zhan.

In the larger context, initiatives like the SMASH IT! plays a significant role in raising awareness of drug abuse. By combining the universal appeal of sports with a purposeful anti-drug theme, the competition becomes an effective platform for engaging the community.


The group 2O2 will be performing their newly recorded original soundtrack for a new MediaCorp Channel 8 drama at the AfterParty event on Jan 20. (PHOTO: iGet Entertainment)

Following the culmination of both competitions, the AfterParty event that is to be held at RP, is a continuation of the two initiatives. With a diverse lineup of local and international performers and DJs, the AfterParty becomes a dynamic convergence of cultures, talents, and advocates, fostering unity while underscoring the collective commitment of a drug-free message.

“Attendees can anticipate an exhilarating atmosphere, brought to life by a lineup of talented DJs and performers. This event is designed to be highly engaging and fun, offering an ideal setting for everyone to make new friends and enjoy themselves,” shared Mr Angus.

He explained: “Our focus is on providing a wholesome, enjoyable experience that is committed to healthy practices and a drug-free environment. It’s akin to the clubbing experience but devoid of any vices – purely good vibes and clean fun! So, get ready for an unforgettable night where the music is uplifting, the company is great, and the environment promotes nothing but positivity and health.”

RP students and staff can scan the QR code attached to reserve their complimentary tickets to the concert and AfterParty event. (PHOTO: Aaron Chen Angus)

The event aims to engage an audience of 2000, including RP students, staff, and the public. Complimentary tickets are available for the RP Community – they can reserve their complimentary tickets by scanning the QR Code on the poster, or visiting here.

The public can purchase tickets for $2.50 through SISTIC. All ticket proceeds contribute to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund.


Aspiring performers eager to participate in the Voices of Victory Talent Competition must note that registration ends on Dec 29. They can register by scanning the QR code in the poster provided in the beginning of the article, or by clicking here.

Similarly, enthusiasts gearing up for the SMASH IT! 2024 Badminton Competition have until Dec 22, to secure their spots in this unique collection of sportsmanship and anti-drug awareness. Youths interested can register by scanning the QR code in its respective poster provided, or by clicking here.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of these transformative events shaping the narrative of talent, health, and drug-free living.