Bowling IG fights its way to top POL-ITE 2019
by |January 14, 2020 -- Updated 14:09

By Muhd Dinie

HARD WORK PAID OFF: It is all smiles for Republic Polytechnic’s Bowling IG after snatching a win during POL-ITE 19/20. (PHOTO COURTESY OF: Darius Toh)

Republic Polytechnic’s Bowling Interest Group (IG) struck gold on October 26, 2019 when their men’s team came out on top for the first time during the POL-ITE Games.

The POL-ITE Games is an annual competition that pits the best athletes from all five polytechnics and ITE against one another in sports such as archery, badminton and floorball.

Darius Toh Jing Rui, Bowling IG’s captain, felt proud of his team’s hard work and achievement during the POL-ITE Games. Last year, the team fell short by a few pins and did not clinch the title. But Darius was determined that history would not repeat itself this year.

“I tried to encourage my team as much as possible and bring up the morale. I was very happy that we won,” the 18-year-old said.

For POL-ITE, the team trained twice a week with each session lasting three hours.

Darius, a Sports Coaching student, said: “Bowling is actually a very complex sport so there are a lot of things that come into consideration – what type of bowling balls you use on the lane because there is different oiling so we have to work as a team and figure out what is the best way to attack the pins.”

RP’s women’s team finished third in POL-ITE. “They did their best despite the challenges and stress that comes with a competition. A lot of tears were shed but we managed to come out women’s overall third,” said Gloria Sint Thein Chan Yan Xi, Vice-Captain of Bowling IG.

The 18-year-old student from Diploma in Mass Communication also recalled something their coach, Sandra Sageran, would always tell them –  You cannot change what has already happened, but you have the power to clear the pins in front of you now.

Now, members of the Bowling IG have set their eyes on first place for the Inter-Varsity Polytechnic Games, which will be held in January, 2020.

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