Brighter Than Before
by |September 9, 2020 -- Updated 19:29

By Rashini D/O Sinner Kalungan

Eric Lim Hui Hong’s rise to excellence even after facing many hardships throughout his educational journey is nothing but inspiring.

“If I could get a total score of 153 for PSLE, fail two-thirds of my subjects in secondary school and still excel in polytechnic, I’m pretty sure anyone can change and become better too,” said Eric Lim Hui Hong confidently.

Eric has just graduated from Republic Polytechnic (RP) this May. This time, as a brighter student than before. The Information Technology (IT) student graduated with Merit and a GPA of 3.6, along with his previous achievements such as being in the Director’s Roll of Honour for two-thirds of his polytechnic semesters. Eric went from failing two-thirds of his subjects in secondary school to being in the Director’s Roll of Honour for two-thirds of his polytechnic semesters.

His passion in IT stemmed from his fondness of playing computer games and the environment he grew up in, where his family members who were not very tech-savvy, relied on him to find solutions whenever it came to computer hardware or software issues. “I am mostly self-taught and have learned a lot through google and it was exhilarating to see what I can make out of that computer knowledge,” said Eric.

Before RP, Eric had no interest in studying except playing online games. This is why when he didn’t get into the course he wanted in ITE, he chose the next best option, an electronics course. Eventually, Eric graduated from ITE and was enrolled in RP, where he became more disciplined and dedicated to studying with the desire to master programming.

During his time in RP, Eric had also participated in several competitions to further develop his IT skills. Despite losing seven competitions in a row, he and his friends persevered and eventually won two major competitions, emerging as the Grand Champions of PolyFintech100 Hackathon and as the first runner up of the Singapore Computer Society Splash Awards in 2019.

Eric also managed to secure a fully-funded overseas internship to Helsinki, Finland under the Global Entrepreneurship Internship Programme (GIEP). “I was screaming when I learnt that I was selected for the GIEP, ” recalled Eric.

Now, Eric is awaiting the results from his interview with Nanyang Technological University, in the hope of scoring a place in the university while serving National Service (NS). For the next two years of NS, he also has plans to pick up new technical competency in order to further advance his personal skill sets.

SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES: Eric Lim Hui Hong at the Artic15 conference hosted by ArticStartup, his internship company in Stockholm, Sweden.
(PHOTO BY: Eric Lim Hui Hong)
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