Charting New Paths: Insights from Republic Polytechnic’s Headstart@RP Event

Ms Jeanne Liew discusses Republic Polytechnic’s operations, teaching methods, and philosophy, emphasising the importance of empowering students to reach their full potential. (PHOTO: Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam)

The Early Admission Exercise (EAE) is now open, allowing Secondary School students to secure early spots in Polytechnics. This year, Republic Polytechnic’s Principal, Ms. Jeanne Liew, shares insights on RP's offerings and EAE application tips.

Ms Jeanne Liew discusses Republic Polytechnic’s operations, teaching methods, and philosophy, emphasising the importance of empowering students to reach their full potential. (PHOTO: Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam)

Republic Polytechnic’s Headstart@RP admissions talk held on June 7th, 2024, was a resounding success, drawing a capacity crowd of eager Secondary School students and their parents to the Republic Cultural Centre. The event featured an enlightening presentation by RP’s Principal & CEO, Ms. Jeanne Liew, who provided invaluable insights into the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) and showcased RP’s innovative programs designed to help students realise their full potential.

Design Your Life

Ms. Liew introduced the comprehensive “Design Your Life” program, which outlines the academic journey for every RP student. This three-year program includes a compulsory internship in Year 3 and involves mentors who guide students in mapping out their future. Through the creation of an Odyssey Plan, students chart their career paths, pinpoint necessary certifications, and develop essential soft skills. The program extends beyond graduation, offering alumni networking opportunities and upskilling workshops for two years even after they leave RP.

Design Your Learning 

Flexibility is at the heart of the “Design Your Learning” program, which allows students to tailor their education to their interests and talents.

RP offers broad-based diplomas that cover various interdisciplinary skills while enabling specialisation through majors. For those still deciding on their career paths, “Common” diplomas provide a chance to explore different fields. Additionally, RP has introduced 19 Minor diplomas, allowing students to pursue interests outside their primary field of study and gain industry-recognized certifications through partnerships with leading companies.

Design Your Impact

The “Design Your Impact” initiative emphasises social responsibility, requiring students to complete at least 15 hours of community service to graduate. This exposure to community engagement is just the beginning; students can further their involvement by joining service-related interest groups, starting their own projects, or becoming peer supporters. This program aims to instil a lifelong commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Acing The EAE Exercise 

Ms Liew also shared practical tips for navigating the EAE process, from preparing for interviews to showcasing work samples in applications. She emphasised the importance of carefully considering the order of choices in applications and shared experiences from current RP students who have successfully navigated the EAE process.

Affirming And Empowering Students 

Republic Polytechnic’s commitment to empowering students was evident throughout the event. From the customisable learning options to the detailed Odyssey Plans, RP provides students with the resources to explore their passions and achieve their goals. The event concluded with tours of RP’s state-of-the-art facilities and one-on-one sessions with lecturers, giving students and parents a deeper understanding of the opportunities available at RP.

Secondary School students and their parents had sit-down sessions with lecturers from various schools and diplomas, addressing their queries about the education and programs (PHOTO: Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam) 

Mdm Nur Hayati, a parent attending the event, expressed her satisfaction: “I think it was very well done. The platforms and opportunities for students are very wide. I believe there are very good chances for those really into the course.”

With its innovative programs and dedicated support, Republic Polytechnic continues to be a leading choice for students looking to design their futures and make a significant impact in their chosen fields.