DMC Showcases an Industry Playground of Possibilities at RP Open House 2024

A secondary school student trying out Kiss92’s Quick Read Challenge at the Industry Playground at RP’s Open House 2024. (PHOTO: Alex Sim)

For the first time ever, visitors to Republic Polytechnic’s Open House 2024 were greeted with a “playground” showcasing DMC’s numerous collaborations with industry partners.

A secondary school student trying out Kiss92’s Quick Read Challenge at the Industry Playground at RP’s Open House 2024. (PHOTO: Alex Sim)

“What can I experience if I join this course?” A common question that many students ponder on when deciding which course to join if they take the Polytechnic route.

In collaboration with industry partners, the Diploma in Mass Communication (DMC) showcased its many possibilities through an Industry Playground for those who came to Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) annual Open House from Jan 4 to Jan 6. The Industry Playground displayed the many features of content creation and other DMC-related aspects through its equipment and partnerships.

On Air-musements

Focusing on DMC’s radio expertise, radio station Kiss92 brought much fun and entertainment to the Industry Playground. Here, visitors had the opportunity to read a short excerpt in a quick-read challenge or test their pop-culture with a name-that-song challenge – winners could walk away with exclusive Kiss92 merchandise. Both the mini-games demonstrated the core essence of being a Radio DJ through testing participants’ presentation skills and musical knowledge.

To the surprise of many, Kiss92 DJs, Shawnrick Hu, Shawnia Seah and Nat Koh, were present at the booth to host the games and rally the crowd on Jan 4 and 5. On Jan 6, DJ Yumiko held an outdoor broadcast for her show at the booth as well.

For DJ Yumiko Kayahara, she was impressed with the participants’ willingness to try out the different challenges. She said: “They were so engaging, the vibe was super positive, and I loved it.”

“Saturday Afternoon with Yumiko Kayahara” live from RP DMC’s Industry Playground.
(PHOTO: Gabriel Wong)

Visually Oat-standing

Moving over to the visual aspects, Oatside provided the opportunity for visitors to simulate being food bloggers for a few minutes, by allowing them to snap their own creation of an Oatside product advertisement. Using a lightbox and the different Oatside products such as pocket packs and ice cream tubs, visitors could play around with the product placements and take flatlays.

On how partnering Oatside gave visitors the scope of how marketing is done, Mr Caleb Ng, DMC lecturer, mentioned: “By allowing someone to play around with the products, it illustrates how a visually appealing final product can attract, interest and communicate with the audience.”

A perfect occasion for any media enthusiast to try out the Oatside booth.
(PHOTO: Sherry Si Xin Yi)

For 16-year-old Victoria Wong, she came to RP’s Open House with an open mind having not yet chosen a particular course to pursue. However, after experiencing the photo-themed space, she had a better understanding of the course and said: “I believe Mass Communication could be a possible first choice for me. Since I am interested in media, these simple opportunities do help in making the decision as I am able to experience plenty before joining.” 

Run Free with Asics

Showcasing DMC’s green screen capabilities, visitors could make use of Asics products to strike a pose against the projected backdrop. From wearing the shoes and striking a simple pose to using the shoes as a phone, visitors were able to come up with picturesque and comedic shots. At the end of the day, the three best posts could walk away with prizes such as Asics shoes.

Overall, the collaboration between DMC and industry partners provided many with a better and more informed choice to potentially join the course. In time to come, the Industry Playground could only get bigger and more fun for all to enjoy.