‘Entrepreneurship is a constant learning process’
by Preethi Saravanan |April 16, 2018 -- Updated 13:56

Djohan El Din was always keen to start a business but it took a module in RP to prod him on his entrepreneurship journey.

During his first year, Djohan took a ‘Fundamentals and Design’ module as part of his Diploma in Design for User Experience course. He learnt how to design graphic t-shirts and realised that it would be a great idea to turn his knowledge and skill into a business.

Djohan then launched El Din Apparel, a streetwear fashion brand which sells products like graphic t-shirts, caps and jackets. The designs are largely inspired by Hip Hop culture and include song lyrics.

The 19-year-old said he first developed an interest to start his own business in secondary three. “My best friend and I would sit at the back of classes talking about business ideas that we could venture upon and the possibilities life can offer,” Djohan said.

But the entrepreneurship journey wasn’t easy. He was, for example, unsure of where to start. “I went online and learnt things on my own. I would watch videos and read blogs to understand the industry and consumer needs better,” Djohan said.

Never too early: Djohan started his business at the age of 18 with his own money and the drive to turn his dreams into reality (Courtesy of: Djohan El Din)


At El Din Apparel, Djohan handled designing, liaising with suppliers and marketing until he met Khairuna Izzati Jamil, an Aviation Management student from RP, who had approached Djohan to model for a t-shirt release. Soon after, she began working with El Din Apparel.

“Despite having successful releases or great sales, he was never complacent and always believed that the brand needs improvement,” Khairuna said.

El Din Apparel is currently working on two projects – ‘Scorching Season’ and ‘Drizzle season’ which are the spring/summer and fall/winter collections respectively. El Din Apparel is also aiming to get their products to retailers in the future.

Djohan gave this piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs. “Times will get hard but don’t be afraid. Take risks and even if you fail, get up and learn from it, it will always be a learning process,” he said.

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