Falling in love with Singapore

Falling in love with Singapore: Mr.Shin Dong Hoon answers a few questions about our beloved nation.
Falling in love with Singapore: Mr.Shin Dong Hoon answers a few questions about our beloved nation. (Photo: Nuranisha Abdul Rahim)

Tell us more about yourself
Currently, I am the module chair of B225 Qualitative Research Methods. I used to be the senior brand manager at Samsung for eight years and before that I actually worked as the market research manager for five years.

You worked for Samsung Life Insurance, tell us what was it like working for such a big brand?
I was always excited because when you start working as a brand manager, you will actually treat your brand as your baby. It was almost like raising a child.

What are your impressions of Singapore so far?
I realised that Singapore is kind of like the Samsung corporate culture. I see that that Singapore is a well-managed society. I really like that.

What is your favourite local food?
If I take one business backto Korea, it must be the yong tau foo business. I love Yong Tau Foo! Actually, Bak Kut Teh was my favourite until I tried yong tau foo. Now I eat it at least twice a week.

What is the difference between Korea and Singapore in terms of culture?
Korean society is bigger than Singapore and the education system is also different. In Korea, 70 per cent of the students probably would go to university to get degree. After they get the degree, it is very hard to find a job. Because of this the competition is very high because they are all aiming for the same thing.

Can you tell us something about Korea that we may not know?
One interesting thing is that when seasons change, people’s feelings change too. Every spring, people feel their energies rising. They would go towards the ocean and mountains to enjoy their summer holidays. In winter, the energy is less and people stay in, eat and drink more.

What is your impression of RP students?
I think that you guys are very creative. Marketing requires lots of creativity and I really like that the students are so creative and willing to think beyond the texts they read. National day is approaching, Have you watched the National Day parade before? Not yet! Last year, I went to the Chingay Parade. It was wonderful, I realised that Singapore is a beautiful country with the various different type of cultures. So I am looking forward to National Day celebrations.