Far From the Madding Crowd
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Woodlands Waterfront Park, an idyllic hideaway and a place you can steal a moment of peace

Calming Seascape

Woodlands Waterfront is a 11-hectares wide park that is home to a playground, fishing jetty and well-connected cycling path. A popular destination for visitors to gather at this 1.5km promenade to watch the sunset.

Photo By: Evangelyn Ding

No Fishy Business

Parts of the waterfront starting from the front of the coastal path towards the jetty are opened to the public for fishing. It is said that many types of species including barramundi, marine catfish, rays, mangrove jacks can be found in the area. The recommended time for fishing is during high tide, when the water level is low.

Photo By: Nur Humaira Binte Anuwar

You Never Walk Alone

People from all walks of life, young and old, enjoying a breezy stroll on the boardwalk.

Photo By: Denzel Ang

Dine By the Sea

Situated at a jetty on the Straits of Johor, this Rasa Istimewa outlet opened in 2012. It is one of three outlets in Singapore. Indulge in its spread of seafood delights while enjoying the panoramic view of both the coastal park and the Straits of Johor shore and skylines.

Photo By: Nadia Ravi

Service Round The Clock

Working nonstop to serve customers in the shop and ordering takeouts, the staff of Rasa Istimewa are a kind and hardworking group that delivers delectable food and drinks.

Photo By: Darroy Xie

Every Blooming Thing

Home to many types of flora and fauna endemic to this region, the Woodlands Waterfront is the place to stop and smell the roses.

Photo By: Denzel Ang

Green Spot

Woodlands Waterfront is family-friendly park with large green areas perfect for picnics. The large open playground with a giant net based structure is also a great place for both young and old to traverse in.

Photo By: Darroy Xie

This photo essay was written as part of a curriculum assignment. All photos were taken before the Circuit Breaker period.

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