From Stage to Screen: Delving into NCT’s Latest Movie — NCT Nation: To The World

NCT Nation: To The World is a film that brings together all existing NCT units — NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, into an unparalleled collaborative spectacle. (PHOTO: NCT NATION IN CINEMAS)

I watched the much-awaited theatrical NCT’s concert titled NCT Nation: To The World and here are my honest thoughts about it.

NCT Nation: To The World is a film that brings together all existing NCT units — NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, into an unparalleled collaborative spectacle. (PHOTO: NCT NATION IN CINEMAS)

Upon hearing the news about NCT releasing a documentary of their inaugural full-team solo concert, I was very excited. I had previously attended a concert by one of their subunits, NCT Dream, and it was truly a memorable experience. The prospect of reliving those moments again made me very eager to watch the movie. 

NCT Nation: To The World documents the band’s inaugural offline concert as a complete group, held in Korea in August of this year. This cinematic experience not only chronicles the electrifying event but also celebrates their latest album, Golden Age.

The concert is an exclusive platform for the group to showcase their latest tracks from the album for the first time. Scheduled for exclusive screenings on Dec 6 and 10, 2023 in select cinemas, tickets for this limited event were in such high demand that they sold out within just two days of release.

However, this isn’t the first time NCT has turned their concerts into a movie. Last year, they released a documentary-style film called NCT Dream The Movie: In a Dream which focused on the concerts of one of their subunits, NCT Dream.

Many fans were excited about NCT Nation: To The World expecting it to be like the NCT Dream movie. We were hoping to see great concert moments, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with the members. As this film is about NCT’s first concert as a complete group, people were really looking forward to it, hoping it would be as amazing as the earlier NCT Dream movie, if not better.


I went for the screening on December 10, 2023 at Shaw Theaters Jewel with my friends. When we picked up our tickets, I was expecting to get a free exclusive movie poster like they did for the NCT Dream movie, but unfortunately, we didn’t receive any. It wasn’t a huge deal, but it was rather disappointing considering the ticket prices were quite expensive at $20 per person, excluding booking fees.

Before entering the theatre hall, we could spot fans easily. Just like us, they had NCT photocards hanging from their bags, and some were holding the iconic bright green NCT light sticks. My friends and I went prepared as well, we brought along our photocards too!

Photocards are considered an investment and a source of happiness — they are also must-haves for all K-pop fans to bring to concerts and cafe events. (PHOTO: YRIKA MANOSCA CHAN)

Before the movie started, I was eager to see which songs and performances would be featured. Knowing it was based on NCT’s first offline concert, I expected most of the concert’s songs to be included, though I understood it wouldn’t capture the full three-hour experience. 

To get an idea, I did a quick Google search and discovered that some iconic NCT songs like Ay-Yo, Hot Sauce and The 7th Sense were not included in the movie. It was a bit disappointing, but I kept my anticipation high, knowing it was still a chance to enjoy NCT’s performance on the big screen.


The movie opened with the energetic performance of LIMITLESS, one of my favourite songs from the NCT 127 subunit. I was a bit surprised because the movie started right away with the performance, catching me off guard as I expected some sort of introduction for the movie. 

Opening the movie with LIMITLESS was a brilliant choice; the funky upbeat song immediately set an energetic and exciting tone, getting us hyped for what was to come!

Following that, the movie continued with performances from other subunits like Take Off by WayV and Boom by NCT Dream. These initial three performances served as the movie’s opening, featuring the main subunits of NCT— NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV.

Suddenly, a beat we all recognized echoed through the cinema, and the entire crowd cheered in excitement. That’s when we knew – it was time for the Black on Black performance!

Black on Black is a track from NCT’s Empathy album. Upon the release of its music video, history was made as it marked the first-ever collective performance of all NCT units together. (PHOTO: MADHUMITHAA D/O JEEVA JOTHI)

Black on Black was different compared to the other performances and songs as it is one of the few songs that involved the entire NCT unit. This dynamic performance showcased their collective talent through energetic choreography and powerful rapping, highlighting their exceptional dancing and rapping abilities.

The movie’s setting within the concert stadium provided an immersive experience, making it feel as though we were physically transported to the live event! At times, it was easy to forget that we were simply watching them on a screen and not a live concert. Additionally, there were also some drone shots which added a pleasant and distinctive dimension to the movie.

The theatre felt like it was transformed to an actual concert stadium. The stunning visuals, cheers, and dynamic performances recreated the vibe of an electrifying NCT concert. (PHOTO: MADHUMITHAA D/O JEEVA JOTHI)

The movie continued with different subunits performing their other songs like Boss, Broken Melodies, and Kick It. 

Although I’ve always appreciated NCT’s music, I was mainly only a fan of their NCT Dream subunit, so experiencing the movie exposed me to tracks from other NCT subunits that I hadn’t explored before! WayV didn’t capture my interest initially, but now their song Nectar has secured a spot on my On Repeat playlist on Spotify!

They also performed some of the songs from their newly released album such as Kangaroo, Baggy Jeans and Pado. 

The movie also showed an animation in between the performances. The cartoon portrayed two characters who are fans of NCT, but are from different backgrounds — one being a student and the other, a working adult. It showed how NCT’s fan base encompasses individuals from various walks of life, highlighting how NCT unites us all. 

Looking back, the cartoon seemed to depict us in the cinemas, as we are all NCT fans coming from diverse backgrounds and yet unified by our love for the group.

Additionally, there was also a section where the members of each subunit would have a talking session in the movie after their respective performances. It was fun and engaging — it allowed me to learn a bit more of the other members of NCT as I was previously only familiar with their NCT Dream subunit. It was also fun to see all the members of NCT bonding together. 


Although the movie was amazing and immersive, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of missing out on some of the performances and songs that were cut off.

Despite the incredible setlist, the movie cut off several major and iconic NCT songs such as Perfume, Baby Don’t Stop, RESONANCE, and Without U, originally performed at the live concert, which was very disheartening.

Comparatively, the previous NCT Dream movie managed to include nearly all major NCT Dream song performances. Personally, I would have preferred that rather than removing these songs from the movie entirely.

During the actual concert, interviews were conducted with attending fans that came from different parts of the world, delving into how NCT has impacted and inspired their lives. (PHOTO: FISQTINA ASYURA BINTE MOHAMED KHAIRUL)

The description of the movie also promised that there will be behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews with the members. However, the film included b-roll shots and interviews of fans attending the concert. I felt that the time spent on these could have been better utilised to showcase the performances that were cut, as well as to deliver on the promised behind-the-scenes content and member interviews. 

Nonetheless, watching the movie and grooving to NCT’s lively and energetic performances was still an enjoyable experience!


Overall, I’d rate NCT Nation: To The World a 3.5/5. 

While I appreciated the lively and enthusiastic performances in the movie, it fell below my expectations. I found the movie to be a step down from the NCT Dream movie. The production for the NCT Dream film was notably better, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and member interviews.

However, the performance quality in NCT Nation: To The World was commendable, especially with its impressive camerawork. It’s regrettable that some performances were cut off, considering the potential of showcasing them with the unique drone-shot recordings. There seemed to be wasted potential in not fully utilising this captivating camerawork to display those performances.

Nonetheless, I’ve always been consistently impressed by NCT’s performances. Their remarkable stage presence coupled with their exceptional talent never fails to captivate and amaze me. The sheer charisma and skill they bring to the stage are truly mesmerising and contribute significantly to the movie’s wow factor. 

Having experienced the movie, it has reignited my desire to attend another NCT concert which will undoubtedly be better than watching them on screen! 

With the movie only being scheduled for exclusive screenings on Dec 6 and 10, 2023 in select cinemas, it’s currently unavailable to catch more screenings.

However, there might be a digital release on the way! Previously, NCT Dream The Movie: In a Dream was also scheduled for exclusive screenings in select cinemas but was later made available on Blu-ray, broadening its accessibility to a wider audience.

Hopes are high for NCT Nation: To The World to follow suit with a digital release. Such a move would offer fans a chance to relive and experience the concert but also extend the opportunity to those who missed it to get to watch it as well!

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