More Than a Walk in the Park
by |September 8, 2020 -- Updated 19:30

The largest park in the north side of Singapore, Admiralty Park is situated on a hill, with the Sungei Cina river running through it. The park houses the largest natural area with 26 slides, including Singapore’s first-ever family and longest open slide. It reopened in October 2017 after two years of redevelopment. 

Silver Slider: The Double Barrel Tube Slides in the Family Terracing Play area is the longest and tallest slide in a public park in Singapore. Standing at 9m tall and 23m long, it is certainly going to keep the adrenaline pumping! However, its metal surface can get very hot during the afternoon, so do take precautions! (PHOTO BY: Gloria Chan)

Ready, Set, Roll: At 34m long, the longest outdoor slide in Singapore is not one to be missed. Seen here, Alfiah (left) and Dania are enjoying themselves as they trundle down the curved roller slides. For those who are fearful of heights or prefer something more easy-going, this pair of roller slides have a gentler slope. (PHOTO BY: Wee Wen Xin)

Never Too Old: Many often associate the playground to being a place for children. 
However, Admiralty Park is set to break all the stereotypes. Regardless of age, it is a place that both the old and young alike can enjoy. It is a  wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors, at the same time, have fun, or simply to unwind and destress. (PHOTO BY: Alfiah Rahman) 

This photo essay was written as part of a curriculum assignment. All photos were taken before the Circuit Breaker period.

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