NBA 2K14 shows ambitions of Next Gen Gaming

With the Playstation 4 (PS4) released on Singapore shores in December, the question remains; what game is worth buying and playing out there on the market right now?

Well, if you are looking for a game that would give the newly dubbed “strongest gaming machine” in the world some justice, then NBA 2K14 for the PS4 is something that you should get your hands on.

The NBA 2K series has always prided itself on very realistic gameplay and graphics. This makes it the number one basketball game in the market right now.  All that they have achieved with the PS3, will transcend into greater heights with the introduction of the PS4 with its higher performance ratings and capabilities of running games on 1080p graphics, which makes the game look like something that is being shown straight off a real televised game on TV.

With a major step forward taken with the graphical improvements, gameplay for the Next Gen NBA 2K14 also took a major step forward with its gaming elements with the newly revamped MyCareer mode, where players create their very own NBA player and embark on a journey from the Pre-Draft Showcase to the Draft in New York City, from being a bench warmer for an NBA team to finally an NBA superstar.

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THE EVOLUTION OF GAMING: NBA 2K14 brings a whole new level of realism towards their games with even more believable textured player faces as compared to games on the PS3. (Photo:

MyCareer mode in NBA 2K14 Next Gen stands out from its predecessors with an added storyline to the game mode to simulate what a real NBA player has to go through when they enter the league. The bad side to it, however, would be the cheesy lines and acting in this newly revamped mode.

Other in-game improvements are the ever improving shot control and dynamic drilling control with the analog sticks and how other game modes are given a new package to suit the evolution of the NBA 2K series. The new MyGM mode gives players an added control of their favourite franchise and has total control over all the dealings that the franchise makes, from player trades to even setting the price of how much your hotdog vendor sells their hotdog.

“The Park” is also a timely addition to the current “Blacktop” mode. This time, players are able to bring their created players to “The Park” and basically have scrimmages among themselves with up to 100 players playing concurrently at a single venue. Fret not, if you are not in a game at “The Park”, you can watch the games being played live as you wait in the queue for your turn. The downside however, is that there is no matchmaking in this mode, so if you want to play with your friends, you have to coordinate internally to choose the court you would want to play in.

Also, to make things more realistic, NBA 2K14 on PS4 adds a new feature to the game to bring more realism. This new feature is called “Real Voice”, which brings audio from actual NBA interviews with coaches and players into the game during the game’s halftime and end of game interviews. With this “Real Voice” feature, NBA 2K14 adds a whole new authentic experience for Next Gen Console gamers.

All in all I would say that thanks to the power and the upgraded gaming system of the PS4, the possibilities of ever improving gameplay and visuals are very possible with the next generation consoles. And with NBA 2K14, one of the games that have just scratched the surface of the possibility of even more powerful graphics and gaming dynamics, I would say NBA 2K14 is a must buy if you are looking to find something for your PS4.

With that said, the future and ambitions of game developers are looking bright as this is just the first small step taken, for an endless stream of game evolution ahead.


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