Rising Through the Ranks
by |September 9, 2020 -- Updated 22:45

By Aleemah Basirah Binte Mohamed Somsadeen

A passion for football led Diyanah Muzfirrah Binte Azman to her dreams.

Diyanah Muzfirrah Binte Azman was 10 when her father lost his job due to partial blindness caused by diabetes. Due to their financial instability and burdens, Diyanah decided to work hard and apply for bursaries.

In 2014, Diyanah’s passion for football sparked after her friends introduced her to the sport. The following year, she grew more serious playing competitively after discovering a women’s football league, Winchester Isla FC. When studying at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), she became an active member for both the Women Football Team and the Rotaract/Interact Club, where she scored the Gold Service Star award in 2016.

From clinching a double championship for POL-ITE and IVP events to being the Vice-Captain of the team, the 20-year old continued to show commitment as a member of the Republic Polytechnic Women Soccer Team (RPWST). She had her coaches Mr Siva and Mr Arasu to thank for encouraging and shaping her to be the player she is today.

In 2019, Diyanah won the Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF) Peter Lim Scholarship Award, a scholarship that’s awarded to those who exhibit great commitment in the field sport, have good character report, and show a potential for high performance training in sports.

When asked how her parents played a role in her involvement in football, Diyanah replied, “They have been very supportive since the day I decided to play football.” Whenever she suffered injuries during training, “They show care and are very positive about my commitments,” she added.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Diyanah Muzfirrah (fourth from the right) receiving the SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship award. (PHOTO BY: CHRIS YIP-AU)

Upon graduation and after having worked at Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Tanglin School as an intern, Diyanah felt inspired to work with special needs students. “It is going to be challenging for her as working with special needs students would require special training and knowledge. But this is good exposure for her as it offers another job avenue besides football,” said Mrs Salmiah, Diyanah’s mother.

“The journey is not going to be a bed of roses. Everyone has struggles to deal with. It is important that you believe you’ll eventually get through to wherever you want to go,” Diyanah advised.

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