RP Open House 2023: Organisers pull out all the stops as campus welcomes guests

Performers and crew from the CREATE IGs pose for a picture to celebrate the end of Open House 2023. CREATE is an umbrella that houses the interest groups in the arts, such as Modern Dance, Chinese Ensemble and Style Groovaz Crew. (PHOTO: Chan Qing Hao)

Here are some highlights from this year's RP Open House.

Performers and crew from the CREATE IGs pose for a picture to celebrate the end of Open House 2023. CREATE is an umbrella that houses the interest groups in the arts, such as Modern Dance, Chinese Ensemble and Style Groovaz Crew. (PHOTO: Chan Qing Hao)

As crowds flocked to campus for Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Open House 2023, it was as if the school had come alive again. 

The atmosphere was abuzz with chatter and energetic rhythms from the live performances with hustling visitors rushing to get a glimpse of the campus and join in the activities.

After two years of pandemic restrictions, RP welcomed guests through its doors, including secondary school graduates, parents and alumni to learn more about the school and its happenings.

The three-day hybrid Open House from January 5 to 7 included on-campus facility tours, admission and school talks, as well as online course consultations. The Open House also featured more than 40 interactive booths from the various diploma programmes across the seven RP schools. 

Some RP students came down to support the event, while others came to enjoy the range of exciting performances from the various performing arts Interest Groups (IG) at The Hub.

SAY ROAR!: Members of Radiate 909 pose with a dinosaur mascot from one of the RP schools. The mascot was seen roving around the campus on all three open house days. (PHOTO: Savanna Tai)
SAY CHEESE!: Students from Northland Secondary School pose for a photo while visiting the school of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL) booth. Many secondary schools visited RP’s open house on the first and second days. (PHOTO: Lee Suan Hui)


To enhance the experience for visitors, RP has incorporated digital elements into this year’s Open House including setting up virtual reality (VR) booths.

Mr Fu Chua Chong, RP’s Director of Hospitality explained: “Due to the pandemic, it became habitual for upcoming students pursuing a higher tertiary education to be used to and expecting learning to be online.

“Coming to RP’s Open House is actually very important as it gives aspiring students a good understanding of RP’s infrastructure which is incorporated with state-of-the-art technology and conducive lecture rooms to facilitate holistic learning for students to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be industry-ready,” he added.

The booths also featured interactive activities and games for visitors to learn more about each diploma. From VR video games, to indoor sports activities, to perfume-making stations, each school showcased unique features of its diplomas while offering visitors a fun-filled experience.

YUM!: Visitors swarm a student from the School of Hospitality offering free food samples. The school also offered free popcorn and candy floss for visitors. (PHOTO: Eugene Tan)

FUTURE SCIENTISTS: Students from Punggol Secondary School visit the Applied Science booth to learn more about the course. (PHOTO: Mike Tan)

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Final year Mass Communication students, Nurul Insyirah and Felicity Oh demonstrates live reporting skills at the School of Management and Communication booth. (PHOTO: Eugene Tan)

BALL IS IN YOUR COURT: Secondary school students playing floorball at the booth set up by the Floorball IG at North Agora. (PHOTO: Mike Tan)


On the second day of the open house, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing visited RP to tour the booths and campus facilities, including the newly launched cloud-based agri-tech lab set up by the School of Applied Science (SAS).

SURPRISE VISIT: Education Minister Chan Chun Sing visits the RP campus for a tour of the facilities, including the newly opened agri-tech cloud-based lab. He was guided by RP’s Principal, Mr Yeo Li Pheow. (PHOTO: Eugene Tan)
THE FUTURE IS NIGH: Education Minister Chan Chun Sing tours the School of Engineering’s VR exhibition. (PHOTO: Lee Suan Hui)


For many, the best part of the Open House was watching all the exciting performances from RP’s IGs. 

The IGs, which included the Style Groovaz Crew, Dikir Barat, Jammerz Arena, Beats Encore and many more, performed for a full-day line-up across the three days. RP alumni and local artistes were also invited to perform for the Open House crowd.

The performances were held both indoors and outdoors, alternating between The Hub and right outside the South Agora, as well as the North Agora.

ORANGE YOU GLAD?: Members of Style Groovaz Crew’s batch 17 Caelan Groovaz hitting the final pose for their item, Or’ange You Glad, which they also performed for Emergence 22. (PHOTO: Eugene Tan)
DANCE ON AIR: Adel Aida Saqiena Jumari from the Style Groovaz Crew wears a bright smile as she grooves to the lively beats amidst the audience’s cheers. (PHOTO: Eugene Tan)
SEA OF SMILES: Members of Dikir Barat Endang Ratiana perform on day 3 at RP’s South Entrance. DKRP’s Endang is the first all-female team among all tertiary schools in Singapore. (PHOTO: Zoe Yee)
A FLIPPING GOOD TIME: Suhail Ahmed from the Style Groovaz Crew seizes the spotlight as the stuntman for his batch of dancers, despite being a relatively new member. (PHOTO: Eugene Tan)
ALL HEART EYES: Nur Syafikha Bte Rahimat from Dharma Endari dances elegantly in their performance of Seloka Budi by Siti Nur Haliza. As part of the performance, the dancers’ playful and flirty gestures garnered rounds of cheers and hoots from the audience. (PHOTO: Savanna Tai)
STARRY-EYED: Despite the rain, the performers from RP’s Selatra Seni Silat IG still put on a stellar performance for the audience. (PHOTO: Savanna Tai)
Good Night: Local singer-songwriter, Bernard Dinata, more known by his stage name, Lullaboy, was invited by the Camokakis to perform with them during their visit to RP’s open house. (PHOTO: Lee Suan Hui)
FANGIRLING: Members of RP’s Style Groovaz Crew gush and cheer for Lullaboy during his performance. (PHOTO: Zoe Yee)
HIVE IN THE HUB: Crowds gather in The Hub to watch local singer-songwriter, Lullaboy perform his song. (PHOTO:  Lee Suan Hui)
SOLDIER’S PERFORMANCE: Singers from Camokakis’ Music and Drama Company perform on the last day of the Open House. The Music and Drama company was formed in 1973 to strengthen local soldiers through entertainment.  (PHOTO: Zoe Yee)
SPIRITS HIGH: The dance group from Camokakis’ Music and Drama Company put on an electric performance on day three. (PHOTO: Zoe Yee)
One Crew One Love: Members of RP’s Style Groovaz Crew IG’s batch 18, Apex Groovaz, poses for a group photo during one of their breaks. (PHOTO: Zoe Yee)


From Reflection Journals (RJ) to the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy, many visited RP’s Open House to learn more about its unique learning approach.

Despite the notion that RP students are overwhelmed with daily RJs and regular presentations, many were more than happy to share how this approach has benefited them.

“RP offers a more practical, application-based and hands-on learning approach which differs from the traditional method of sitting in a classroom that secondary school students are used to,” said Sherry Si, a first-year Mass Communication student.

“Presentations and reflections are a great way for the lecturers to specially curate and tailor teaching to ensure that each student’s needs are met. RP is about ensuring every student receives the best,” she added.

Chen Liam Jay Edmond, a first-year Mass Communication student shared: “Over here at RP, no student will be lost as most will be able to find the right course for them that brings out the best in them and help them realise their innate potential.”

Visitors to the booths were greeted by student volunteers who were eager to assist and share more about their diploma programmes, carrying a sense of pride for their diplomas and RP.

Mohammed Radsul, an Outdoor Adventure Learning student volunteer said: “I’m glad to be representing my own course as I get to showcase my progress and share it with prospective students visiting RP. Helping them become interested in my course really puts a smile on my face.”

“The most important part is that aspiring students get to see us in person as I will say we are the greatest evidence of what joining RP would transform you into a person with the necessary and adequate knowledge, experience and skills to be ready for future endeavours,” he added.