RP Open House 2024: Striking chords of interest among youths

Republic Polytechnic has close to 100 interest groups with a wide variety to choose from. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

A re-cap of memorable moments at this year’s Open House 2024.

Republic Polytechnic has close to 100 interest groups with a wide variety to choose from. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

This year, Republic Polytechnic (RP) showcased its colourful and diverse Interest Groups (IG) dynamic performances and unique moves once again at the annual Open House 2024. The various performances aimed to inspire future RP students to pursue their interests, and the shows undoubtedly brought in chatter and boosted the hype and energy in the campus.

Strike a pose!: Members of Dharma Endari strike a final pose for their traditional Malay dance performance, mixed with contemporary dance. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Ah Boy Goes to RP: Pentas Karyawan depicts a new student entering RP for the first time and was brought through different stories of RP CREATE clubs ranging from dance to drama. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Clapping with nostalgia and to the preservation of tradition: Gamelan Ensemble performing a medley of familiar childhood songs to connect audiences to their early years mixed with traditional songs from Gamelan to promote the traditional art. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Symphonic tunes: Chinese Ensemble beating and strumming their instruments, bringing in bright and colourful melodies into the Hub. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Harmony between martial and ensemble arts: Wushu showcased the unity of diverse Chinese ensemble music and synchronised it with martial arts creating an exciting and smooth performance that puts the audience in awe. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Jamming songs together: Replug and Rhapsody collaborated to dance and sing to the iconic tunes such as ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Dancing to the beat: Style Groovaz Crew showing off their various dynamic moves through different waves of songs mixed together. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)

Strumming with familiarity: Replug showcasing their musicality by performing recognisable songs for the audience to relax at the hub with such as “Another Day of Sun” from the movie La La Land. (Photo: Ang Xin Ling)