That’s a wrap – IGNITE! Music Festival in pictures

Crowds of students and the general public having a blast at the IGNITE! Music Festival, which returned after a two-year hiatus. (PHOTO: IGNITE! Music Festival)

Last weekend marked a night to remember for the lively crowds and engaging performers at the student-driven IGNITE! Music Festival. Didn’t manage to join in the fun? Well, here’s a quick recap on some of the festival highlights!

Crowds of students and the general public having a blast at the IGNITE! Music Festival, which returned after a two-year hiatus. (PHOTO: IGNITE! Music Festival)

A LIMELIGHT: Vocalist-guitarist of the indie and alt-rock quartet The New Modern Lights, Darius Oon (pictured), belts out song lyrics from their debut EP: The Distance Between Us. Despite establishing themselves in 2015, the band just released their debut album last year, which took them years to refine meticulously. (PHOTO: @jk.johnn)

GOLDEN MOMENTS: Space Walk frontman Firdau Juma’at and members of RP’s Gamelan Naga Kencana (GNK) interest group pose for a group picture after their showstopping performance. An RP alumni himself, Firdau Juma’at wears many hats as a singer, songwriter, and producer for the band Space Walk, where he played groovy tracks from his newest release of The Mystery Coffee Mixtape. Inspired by his love for coffee and love life, the four-song EP tells a unique story of its own when heard as a whole. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)

WATER BREAK: Like many other artists onstage, Singapore-based Filipino singer Marian Carmel takes a quick water break after playing a song from her latest eight-track debut concept album, to you, to me. She also took the time to interact with audiences and share more about the inspirations behind her album. (PHOTO: @theeiffellee)

EMPEROR’S GROOVE: A rising name in the home-grown hip-hop and R&B scene, Hafeez Noor (stage name Feez) (centre) is a Canadian-born singer/songwriter with Singaporean roots. While his segment was one of the longest, his upbeat, high-energy, and dance-driven performances entertained the crowds after every song. (PHOTO: @theeiffellee) 

STAND UP FOR IGNITE!: Home-grown rapper ShiGGa Shay encouraging audiences to stand up and soak in the concert atmosphere, which was vastly different compared to previous editions of IGNITE! held outdoors at the RP Lawn area. A household name in the local hip-hop industry, ShiGGa Shay is renowned for creating some of the most viral hits in Southeast Asia, with honorary collaborations including Jay Park and Gentle Bones. (PHOTO: @_eugenius_)

FLOWER POWER: LAYYI’s stage name is actually derived from her unique Chinese name, Lay Yi. Here, the local pop/R&B/neo soul singer-songwriter smiles in delight after a fan came up onstage to pass her a flower bouquet as a token of appreciation, during the performance segment. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)

LOVE STRUCK: With artists like Lauv and Keshi as inspirations, Indonesia-born singer Rangga Jones belted out an abundance of R&B tracks showcasing his comforting vocals, like Type Of Mood and You Got, whose lyrics described his ongoing relationship with his girlfriend. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)

MUSIC FOR THE SOUL: Vocalist and producer Daniel Sid returned from busking overseas to perform his songs Greener Grass and Bluer Skies during the IGNITE! Music Festival. With a voice that emanated experience and empathy, the multi-instrumentalist also showcased a unique talent – making flute noises with only his mouth while singing a classic hit Fly Me To The Moon. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)

DRUMROLL PLEASE: During the performance by Saints Among Sinners, audiences were treated to the drumming prowess of Martin, as he single-handedly enthused the crowd with his drum solo on the track Ikhlas. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)

BRIGHT LIGHTS: Armed with their mobile phone torchlights, audiences swayed to the beat as alternative indie-rock band Cadence took the stage. Throughout the past two days, the sea of lights was a common sight among the IGNITE! performers. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)

FORCES TO BE RECKONED WITH: Guest performer Daniel Sid and Tell Lie Vision’s frontman Vikkash Suruchand challenge their own boundaries to deliver a highly energetic and hard-hitting performance on-stage. The four-piece post-hardcore band also consists of RP alumni previously from the Jammerz Arena interest group. (PHOTO: @lol.kayz)

GOT THE BEAT: Known for their hard-hitting drumbeats and dreamy washed-out guitar tones, Eugene of Bakers In Space put his electric guitars and effects aside to strip down old tunes like Autumn, while also including newer songs like Citrus and Mindfield. (PHOTO: @anaqiphotography)

CLOSING STAGE: M1LDL1FE vocalist Paddy Ong captured mid-pose as he and his bandmates performed their newest releases such as Can’t Seem To Get Anything and Distraction. The band’s performance marked the final act of IGNITE! Music Festival 2022. (PHOTO: @jaredkimwj)