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By: Raiessha Noa & Fatihah Ramzi
Commemorating its third edition in Nov 2019, Goodman B-Sides invited all ages to bask in all things art and nature. Photojournalists Raiessha Noa and Fatihah Ramzi went down to capture moments from the event.
ART IMITATES NATURE: For its third installment, Goodman B-Sides planned to bring both worlds of art and nature together to explore for one day with no boundaries. Art lovers and plant enthusiasts brought with them workshops and showcases of sorts, for one and all. (PHOTO: RAIESSHA NOA)
EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM:   Worms on Wheels was a nature-based resource kit for preschoolers, with the purpose of engaging children in nature. (PHOTO: RAIESSHA NOA)
EYES OF WONDER: The newly revamped Goodman Community Garden kept children captivated with its new life and new look. (PHOTO: RAIESSHA NOA)
NEVER GETS OLD: As with tradition, nature was widely depicted in batik designs. This makes it a go-to theme, even for those who have just recently picked it up as a hobby.  (PHOTO: RAIESSHA NOA)
HAPPINESS IS HANDMADE: By using the clay that comes from the earth itself, families add a touch of nature to their handcrafted art. (PHOTO: RAIESSHA NOA)
ROCK & ROLL: Students of Music Playhouse rocked the house at Goodman B-sides with their complete band performance playing top hit songs such as Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk. (PHOTO: FATIHAH RAMZI)
LITTLE GREEN MARKET: Educational booths were set up to bring families closer to nature and this booth was specifically addressing the agriculture issue in Singapore such as how you can grow ‘food’ in small spaces. (PHOTO: FATIHAH RAMZI)
NATURE’S BEAUTY: Batik classes were offered for families to make their own nature-inspired batik painting. From orchids to birds, they expressed their own depiction of nature from their chosen object. (PHOTO: FATIHAH RAMZI)
TALES FROM THE HIDDEN GARDEN: Hosted by Kamini Ramachandran, her story highlighted the importance of soil and nature to one’s life. (PHOTO: FATIHAH RAMZI)
SOURDOUGH CULTURE: The founder of Sourdough Society, Lili Dogarel (L), went through a transformational journey that inspired her to make recipes that will enrich the lives of others in their search for a healthier lifestyle. (PHOTO: FATIHAH RAMZI)
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