Crystallised Passion: The Autobiography of Tan Tong Xin Crystal

Republic Polytechnic Diploma of Mass Communications graduate, Tan Tong Xin Crystal. (PHOTO: Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam)

Tan Tong Xin Crystal, a 2024 graduate of Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma of Mass Communication, has long aspired to be an author. Her journey as a student at Republic Polytechnic is a chapter in her own life story, driven by determination and a passion for communications.

Republic Polytechnic Diploma of Mass Communications graduate, Tan Tong Xin Crystal. (PHOTO: Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam)

“You are the author of your own life” is a common expression said by many as a way to encourage you to do your best, live a reputable life, leave a legacy behind, and live a life with no regrets.

Chapter One: Republic Polytechnic

“English was my favorite subject in secondary school, and I was eager to leverage this strength in higher education. I even shared my dream of writing a book during a self-introduction in my first few days at RP,” Crystal reminisced.

Her enrollment in the Diploma of Mass Communication marked the beginning of her journey, where she embraced the course with enthusiasm, aiming to enhance her writing skills.

As she studied Mass Communications, Crystal developed a passion for journalism, fueled by her desire to become both an author and a media practitioner. She learned about the profound impact media can have on society.

“As I learned more about the media industry in Singapore and its influence on society, I became deeply passionate about becoming a media practitioner, ” explained Crystal.  To achieve her goals, she joined groups like RePResent and The Republican Post, seeking to refine her skills and expand her knowledge.

Chapter Two: The Republican Post

At The Republican Post, Crystal experienced her first taste of authorship, bringing her ideas to life through articles crafted under the guidance of her advisors and the publication’s senior editors.

Her dedication to writing eventually led to her appointment as Deputy Chief Editor. “I am grateful for the opportunity to guide our juniors,” said Crystal. Alongside Chief Editor Stacy and Deputy Chief Editor Jihan, she helped organize workshops to share their writing expertise, continuing the legacy of mentorship she valued.

Crystal and her team of executives of The Republican Post, Stacy (first on the left) and Jihan (third from the left) at the newsroom guiding juniors through a writing workshop on campus. (Photo: Tan Tong Xin Crystal)

Chapter Three: Internship at AsiaOne

To prepare for her internship with AsiaOne’s editorial team, Crystal diligently studied past articles to familiarise herself with their style. 

Her internship was marked by memorable experiences, including a media event at Bird Paradise. She not only enjoyed the event but also learned to anticipate and manage potential issues, enhancing her storytelling skills.

Another highlight was her article on the KSL lift incident, which achieved 165,000 page views in two months, a testament to her growing influence and skill.

At the end of the internship with AsiaOne, the experiences that Crystal had made her more adaptable to situations and enhanced her skill sets such as social media listening, honing her creative writing skills, and having an actively creative mind that tries to turn whatever she sees or experiences into a potential story idea.

Chapter Four: Overcoming Challenges 

Balancing her role as Deputy Chief Editor, academic assignments, and a part-time job at AsiaOne proved challenging. “It was a stressful period, as I feared I might not complete all my tasks efficiently,” Crystal admitted.

“I want to, I can, I will,” a motto from her primary school days, helped her stay motivated. “In tough times, I focus on positive affirmations and remind myself of my strengths,” she shared. 

With this mindset, Crystal braved the challenges that came her way, growing sharper, more resilient, and more experienced as time went on.

Chapter Five: The Future

Looking ahead, Crystal is optimistic about continuing her education in communications. She believes that earning a degree will further enhance her skills and prepare her for a successful career in media.

“Reflecting on my choices, I wouldn’t change my field of study. I genuinely enjoy Mass Communication, and I’m passionate about my education,” Crystal concluded.