From Struggling to Find Herself to Finding Her Voice: Yrika’s Journey in RP 

Yrika Manosca Chan, immersed in her role as cinematographer and video editor, during a collaborative project between Republic Polytechnic and Food Playground. (PHOTO: Yrika Manosca Chan)

Yrika Manosca Chan, a 20-year-old graduate of Republic Polytechnic’s Mass Communication program, class of 2024, shares her transformative journey from uncertainty to self-assurance.

Yrika Manosca Chan, immersed in her role as cinematographer and video editor, during a collaborative project between Republic Polytechnic and Food Playground. (PHOTO: Yrika Manosca Chan)

Finding Her Path

When you think of a Mass Communication student, the following words probably come to mind – ‘Outgoing’, ‘Extroverted’, and ‘Flamboyant’. Yrika Manosca Chan was different from the rest when she first started her journey as a Mass Communication student in RP. She feared answering and sharing in class, and often compared presenting to a ‘nightmare’.

Initially, Yrika’s passion for Mass Communication was centred around videography, one of the many facets that comprise the field. However, her perspective shifted when she delved deeper into the realm of journalism and uncovered its profound significance.

Uncertainty in Her Future

Stepping foot into the world of Mass Communication for 18-year-old Yrika seemed uncertain yet promising. A sudden switch from Accounting to Mass Communications after a school assignment that required her to make a video kick-started her passion for videography and editing. New to the ropes of Mass Communications, Yrika’s interests were easily piqued, and she felt right for the first time.

Yrika did not expect much from her work, so being contacted by her Visual Communications module chair for an opportunity to have one of her photo captions selected to be submitted to the National Gallery was a big deal.

Yrika Manosca Chan’s caption, chosen to complement an exhibit at the National Gallery. (PHOTO: Yrika Manosca Chan)

It was a memorable experience for Yrika especially because she frequently visits museums in Singapore, and being able to see her name in a place that holds beautiful artworks and memories meant a lot to her.

Emerging From the Chrysalis  

Mass Communications is a course where speaking up is inevitable. Having disliked voicing her opinions in class since she was young, Yrika initially found this challenging. However, over time, she overcame her fears. The familiar sensations of clammy hands and lightheadedness before speaking slowly diminished as she embraced her mistakes with courage and tackled challenges head-on.

Yrika became a natural in what she did. She credits her improvement to the daily presentations she went through as part of Republic Polytechnic’s curriculum. Eventually, she found answering and sharing her opinions in class beneficial to both her studies and in the working world.

Expanding her Point of View

Yrika’s engagement with Impact Journalism marked a pivotal point in her education.

She worked on a compelling group article about the long-term effects of divorce on children, which broadened her perspectives significantly. The diverse views and personal stories she encountered opened her mind to new thoughts and emotions, deepening her understanding of the subject matter.

Academics and grades aren’t everything. Yes, they are important, but what value do they hold in our lives? Once our PSLE scores felt like the most precious thing to us, but now, who even remembers that?” Yrika posits. She believes it’s crucial for all students to recognise the importance of living life beyond academics.

In a Nutshell

Capturing the onset of Yrika Manosca Chan’s photography journey during her second-year Visual Communication module. (PHOTO: Yrika Manosca Chan)

Despite the complexities and challenges of life, Yrika has demonstrated that finding one’s voice is possible with determination and resilience. Rather than being deterred by obstacles, she has used them as stepping stones to forge herself into an independent, courageous, and ambitious individual. Follow your passion and heart, embrace your challenges, be curious, and live life.

And then, before you even know it – you will be able to find your voice too.