Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin: From Gaming Enthusiast to Cybersecurity Maven

Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin after his graduation held on 2nd May 2024 from the Diploma of Infocomm Security Management (PHOTO: Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin)

In an era where the virtual landscape is both a playground for avid gamers and a battleground for cyber warfare, Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin emerges as a remarkable figure seamlessly intertwining his fervour for gaming with a burgeoning career in cybersecurity.

Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin after his graduation held on 2nd May 2024 from the Diploma of Infocomm Security Management (PHOTO: Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin)

As a recent alumnus of the Diploma in Infocomm Security Management program at Republic Polytechnic, Dinie’s journey from a dedicated gamer to a proficient cybersecurity specialist is nothing short of remarkable. His story epitomises the fusion of passion and profession, illustrating how an individual’s love for games can evolve into a formidable skill set in combating digital threats.

The Spark: From Gaming to Cybersecurity

For many, video games are merely a pastime, but for Dinie, they served as an unexpected gateway to the realm of cybersecurity. 

His early encounters with Roblox and its scripting framework acquainted him with the notion of identifying and exploiting weaknesses in coding. Dinie found himself captivated by the ability to bypass established mechanics or manipulate the game’s functions through code manipulation. 

These experiences became the initial steps in his journey into cybersecurity, as he utilised Roblox’s scripting system as a foundational tool to grasp the fundamentals of vulnerability exploitation.

Dinie dedicated his efforts to mastering two pivotal aspects of creating cheat codes for Roblox: exploit software for injecting into Roblox and scripting to manipulate game behaviour. “Scripting was the aspect that truly fueled my interest in cybersecurity,” he expressed.

With perseverance and countless iterations, he developed a diverse array of cheats, ranging from spawning bulldozers to summoning armies of zombies.

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love,” – Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin

Passion meets Academics 

Republic Polytechnic’s Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) played a pivotal role in shaping Dinie’s cybersecurity expertise. 

During his time in DISM, the hands-on nature of the modules, particularly Digital Forensics and Ethical Hacking, resonated deeply with Dinie’s gaming background. He recalls that the classes were not just theoretical – they involved real-world scenarios that felt like uncovering exploits in a game. 

Piecing together a digital crime scene is how he views Digital Forensics, similar to how he analyses game codes to understand their mechanics.

Dinie seeked out opportunities for him to showcase his skills and one of those opportunities became another title under his belt. 

Dinie (Far right) and his team winning the $5000 gift voucher after emerging as the champion of the YouthHack 2022 Automation in Cybersecurity Hackathon. (PHOTO: Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin)

During his first year in the DISM program, Dinnie collaborated with fellow peers to craft a cybersecurity game hosted on Roblox. Dubbed “Roblox CTF,” this interactive experience delves into themes of cryptography and vulnerability exploitation. 

Dinnie (Far left) and his teammates during their presentation for GOVWARE 2023 where they presented their solution for their FInal Year Project. (PHOTO: Muhammad Dinie Bin Baharudin)

Unlocking the Defensive Realm

Dinie found that freelancing opened up a new avenue for him to explore the defensive side of cybersecurity, particularly in assisting game developers with anti-cheat systems. 

This experience provided him with valuable insights into identifying vulnerabilities within games and devising proactive measures to address them. It served as a complementary skill set to his expertise in finding exploits, offering a more comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity.

Moreover, freelancing taught Dinie the significance of networking and building connections within the cybersecurity community. He recognized that fostering relationships with fellow professionals and clients not only enhanced his opportunities for collaboration but also facilitated knowledge sharing and career growth. 

Levelling Up 

Dinie’s internship at NetWitness, a premier platform renowned for accelerating threat detection and response, proved to be a transformative experience. 

Immersed in a professional environment, he described his time there as “invaluable,” citing exposure to industry-standard threat detection platforms that armed him with practical expertise akin to seasoned security professionals. 

This hands-on encounter not only fortified his skills but also underscored the criticality of remaining abreast of emerging threats in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape. Dinie’s stint at NetWitness propelled his understanding of cybersecurity to new heights, positioning him as a formidable force in the ongoing battle against digital adversaries.

A Bright Future Ahead

Looking ahead, Dinie aspires to be a Full-time Security Consultant in Singapore. 

Leveraging off his experience in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in games and transitioning those skills into ethical hacking and penetration testing for businesses, he found his desired career role. 

Dinie hopes to design effective security measures through the threat detection tools and attacker behaviour at his disposal, as well as create engaging security awareness training and develop tailored security policies to mitigate the risks and enhance their overall security posture.