No Mountain Too Tall for These Seniors

Many people hold the perception that climbing up the stairs would be arduous for seniors. But on September 29, some seniors set out to prove this was not the case as they participated in the GYM (Go for Your Mountain) Challenge. The seniors could choose two routes up Mount Faber – a 3.2km route that started and ended at Radin Mas Community Club and a more leisure climb of 0.6km. The Republican Post’s Fairuze Iqbal followed the seniors and members of the public on the climb.

IN GOOD SPIRITS: Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & Social and Family Development and Ms Denise Phua, Member of Parliament & Mayor of Central Singapore showed their support as special guests for the event. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
GETTING SET: Climbers got a pack which included a participant t-shirt, water bottle, towel, waist pouch and a certificate after finishing the climb. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
A HELPING HAND: Fifty-four Republic Polytechnic students helped in the event as they took on climbing buddies and various operational roles. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
GO FAR TOGETHER: Depending on the level of fitness of the seniors in their teams, participants could choose between two routes up Mount Faber. The more challenging route took participants pass Safra Mount Faber and Henderson Wave Bridge. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
BOOST OF CONFIDENCE: GYM Challenge brought together 400 seniors, family members and members of the public for the social advocacy event. The aim was to empower seniors pursue their dreams, overcome issues in their lives and change how ageing is being viewed in the society. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
CHANGING PERCEPTIONS: With the aid of climbing buddies and friends, participants made a bold statement that seniors are able to conquer their “mountains” by climbing up Mount Faber together. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
MUSIC TO THE EARS: Once participants reached the peak of Mount Faber, volunteers brought some cheer by playing musical instruments. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
INTERGENERATIONAL BONDS: Besides the physical activity, seniors and youths bonded during a carnival which had activities catered specially to various age groups. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
FUN TIMES: Many seniors immersed themselves in activities that were new to them, such as face painting, calligraphy and origami. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
GET YOUR GROOVE ON: Some participants could not resist dancing to classic tunes like Chan Mali Chan as they reminisced their childhood times. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
WINNERS ALL ROUND: A lucky draw contest was held where participants stood a chance to walk away with some attractive prizes. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)
SELFIE TIME: Chinese dancers and the SVF Performance Team from En Community Services Society put up an entertaining performance for participants after their climb. (PHOTO: Fairuze Iqbal)