3 Hair Care Habits to Adopt

Fitting hair care habits into your daily routine can go a long way towards maintaining healthy, smooth hair. (PHOTO: unsplash)

You can do more than just going for regular trims.

Fitting hair care habits into your daily routine can go a long way towards maintaining healthy, smooth hair. (PHOTO: unsplash)

Heat damage, over-styling, and chemical processing are your hair’s worst enemies. They strip the hair of its moisture and natural oils which can result in damaged hair. Though going for regular trims every three to four months is said to encourage hair growth, it may not be enough to achieve the smooth and shiny hair you desire. 

Some see their hair as “a reflection of their soul”. Having great hair might be the boost of confidence they need. Hair care is an important and hygienic routine for both men and women. Here are three hair care habits you can adopt to get that luscious-looking hair.


The key to painless and manageable detangling is by creating small sections with your hair before proceeding to work your way around. (PHOTO: Advent Hair Blog)

When hair is dry and damaged, hair cuticles are raised and remain open, causing the layers of hair to snag up with each other, resulting in tangles and knots in your hair. Many of us detangle our hair during the washing process with the help of shampoo and conditioners. This contributes to hair loss due to the amount of breakage and tangling. 

Detangling the hair before applying shampoo while the hair is wet reduces the amount of hair breakage as it ensures that the amount of tangles formed is significantly less than usual. By simply running through your hair with your fingers or using any tool of your choice, such as a comb, pre-detangling before applying your usual hair products can help reduce the amount of breakage and shedding.

You might have to detangle your hair again after you shampoo to get rid of the tangling from the friction of washing your hair. Nonetheless, pre-detangling can leave less fall out in the shower, aiding in hair health. 


Adopting a routine around the water temperature during the hair washing process can leave your hair looking less flat and more voluminous. (PHOTO: Stock)

The water temperature used during the washing process plays a role in shaping hair’s texture. If the water temperature is too high, it can strip off valuable oils leading to brittleness and dryness for both hair texture and scalp. 

Improve your hair’s texture by adopting a routine of changing between lukewarm and cold water. When stepping into the shower, rinse and wash your hair with lukewarm water before proceeding to apply your usual hair products, followed by rinsing the product out of your hair using cold water. 

The lukewarm water opens up hair cuticles. This allows your hair products to do a better job while acting as an activator for the cleansers in your shampoo, ensuring that the shampoo is doing its job of cleaning your hair. Whereas, the cold water seals up the hair cuticles locking in the moisture from your conditioner, leaving your hair looking fresh and hydrated.


Identifying your hair type will tell you what your hair needs. (PHOTO: Make My Hair Grow Faster)

Everyone’s hair is unique with its different texture, length, and colour especially with hair being a form of self expression. Depending on your hair type, you should use a shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for your hair. 

For those with dry scalp and damaged hair, consider using shampoos and conditioner meant for hydration. You should also try to fit in deep-conditioning treatments such as hair masks into your hair care routine by using it once or twice per week in place of your regular conditioner.

On the other hand, those with greasy hair and oily scalp should stick to using deep-conditioning treatments once a week and shampoos and conditioners formulated to cleanse oil and dirt, dissolving oil build up would be good for this hair type. 

Don’t forget to consider colour dyed hair. Maintaining the vibrancy of the hair colour is important. Furthermore, products designed for colour-treated hair should be used in maintaining your hair’s health as the formula is curated for treating chemically processed hair. 

Adopting these hair care habits into your hair washing routine will be beneficial to both your hair’s health and appearance. They will help you maintain a healthy hair texture despite the damages made, obtaining the look of smooth and hydrated hair. 

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