Which tea bursts the most bubbles?

Singapore can’t seem to get enough of bubble tea. In June, new home-grown brand LiHo replaced Gong Cha after the franchise operator decided against renewing its contract. But Gong Cha has vowed to return in a “bigger, better, upgraded format”.

In Woodlands, RP students are spoilt for choice as they have four chains – LiHo, ShareTea, Koi and Each-a-Cup – they can turn to for their fix. The Republican Post’s Muhammad Hisham Mohamed Ali sets out on a taste test to see which milk tea is worth the calories. Each of the milk tea tested had the same sugar level of 50 per cent and came without topping.

Sharetea Liho Each A Cup Koi
Price Range: Like all the other shops on this list, the prices does not exceed $6. Price Range: Similar to other shops, their most expensive large drink does not exceed $6 and their prices start at $2.20. Price range:Prices start at $2.50 and the most expensive large-size drink does not exceed $6. Price Range: Prices are between $2.20 and $6.10.
Price: The medium milk tea costs $2.60. Price: The medium milk tea costs $2.80. Price: The medium milk tea costs $2.80. Price: A medium milk tea costs $2.90.
Location: Woodlands Interchange Level 1, next to Burger King. Location: Causeway Point Basement 1. Location: Causeway Point Basement 1. Location: Woodlands Interchange Level 1, next to Starbucks.
Waiting Time: Approximately two to three minutes. Waiting Time: Surprisingly, we waited for less than a minute. Waiting Time: Approximately 10 minutes Waiting Time: Approximately five minutes.
Taste: There’s a nice blend of sweetness with the tea despite the 50% sweetness. Taste: Compared to the other bubble teas, the milk tea from LiHo is actually blander and it seems to be missing the taste of tea. Taste: For a bubble tea with 50% sweetness, it’s actually quite sweet. There’s a reasonable sweetness to tea taste ratio. Taste: Although not as bland as the one from LiHo, it falls just short of the ones by Share Tea and Each-A- Cup. However, it does have a reasonable blend of sweetness and tea.
Final Rating: A nicely blended milk tea that can satisfy anybody who doesn’t have a sweet tooth. 3.5/5 Final Rating: Maybe it’s because of the 50% sweetness, but this particular milk tea from LiHo gets a 2/5. Final rating: While Each-A-Cup provides a reasonably tasty bubble tea, the waiting time is unfortunately the downside. 3.5/5 Final Rating: The expectation for the milk tea here is a little bit higher as it is the most expensive among the drinks tested. 3/5

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