10 Wears You Can Borrow From Your Parents

With retro fashion trends making a big comeback in 2019, it is time to raid your parents’ stash for items and accessories to spice up your everyday outfit. The Republican Post’s Syahirah Mazlan and Nadia Abdul Shukor recommends 10 fashion trends you should keep a look out.

  1. Milkmaid Sleeves

    Milkmaid tops come in various styles and cutting but its most obvious trait is its puffy shoulders (PHOTO: vivichi.co.uk)

    You might have seen your parents rocking this type of outfit back in their younger days. Milkmaid shirts are a classic representation of the 80s. There’s a whole selection of these to choose from, varying in colour and length of the sleeves depending on the look you’re going for. They’re fun, feminine and simple. These tops are a hit in summer especially when paired with jeans.

  2. Chunky Boots

    Chunky boots are stomping right back into style and not only are they giving you a height boost but a one up in confidence too (PHOTO: ASOS.com)

    Popular brands like Dr Martens, Caterpillar and Timberlands are go to brands for chunky boots. However, any chunky boots will do the trick these days. There is something about a pair of tall and supportive boots that can help to bring out a person’s charisma. These boots never seem to go out of style so if you happen to come across a pair of these boots in your parents’ wardrobe, you are going to want to hold on to them regardless the condition.


  3. Colour Block Windbreakers

    Perfect for both the ladies and gentlemen, windbreakers keeps the chill out while maintaining the cool look. (PHOTO: NEW LOOK)

    It is common to find photos of your parents or older relatives sporting one of these. In fact, the colour blocks for windbreakers these days are considered ‘tame’. In the past, neon colours were a regular feature on these windbreakers. Great for those sudden breezy or rainy days, you can pair these with anything. If you managed to snag a windbreaker, you’ll be wearing it for a while because this trend probably won’t be going away so quickly.


  4. Bum bags

    Bum bags are a favourite fashion accessory which can hold your daily necessities. (PHOTO: Nordic Poetry)

    Bum bags, also known as ‘fanny packs’ or ‘belly bags’, is meant to be worn securely around your waist. But you can also wear it across your body or slung over the shoulder for an edge. Colour block was a popular design for bags like these. If your parents used to be the adventurous or outdoor type, chances are you’ll be able to find one of these somewhere in their storage.


  5. Graphic Tees

    Graphic Tees are probably one of the most basic and vital piece of clothing one should have in their wardrobe. (PHOTO: alibaba.com)

    A simple graphic tee. Yet, there are a thousand possible combinations you can try which makes an outfit so unique to oneself. You can wear it just as is, or layer it over a long sleeved tee. A common style, though, is to have the bottom of the tee knotted up to give it a cropped look. Go crazy with your combinations! Mix and match this basic clothing item with almost any other pieces and make your look pop!

  6. Harem Cargo Pants

    A versatile fashion item that looks good on both the ladies and men. The straight cut and cinched ends are the highlights of these pants. (PHOTO: jdsports.co.uk)

    Cargo pants used to be worn mostly by men. The heavy-duty look and straight cut were favoured back in the 90s. If you see a pair of cargo pants in your father’s wardrobe and want to spice things up, try securing the waistline with a long belt! Folding both ends of those cargo pants to make it a little more like harem pants and will also make it comfortable to walk around in.

  7. Vintage Cameras

    The Rolleicord camera was made by Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke between 1933 and 1976 to cater to amateur photographers at an affordable price (PHOTO: blackmarketcamera on Instagram)

    A mini speaker? A pencil sharpener? It is actually a camera! Dating all the way back to the mid 1950s, you’ll be lucky if you find one of these gems in your store room. Great as a collectable, vintage cameras are popular once again for its uniqueness and one of a kind factor.
    The Rolleicord is just an example of many other vintage cameras. If you’re new or just want a casual photography hobby, we suggest looking for a Chiif camera – a interchangeable lens film camera by Leica M.


  8. Statement Necklaces

    Big and bold, these chunky necklaces are a statement on its own accord. (PHOTO: shamelesslysparkly.com)

    Chunky necklaces work as a statement piece when you want to spice up a simple or plain outfit. Wearing a statement necklace dressed in a white tee and jeans can instantly make you stand out from the crowd. It is eye-catching, and comes in an array of designs and colours as well, so there is no need to ever worry about looking too plain in an outfit.In Singapore, these statement necklaces are usually almost always seen during Hari Raya celebrations, as girls don in this accessory and take their traditional Baju Kurung to the next level.


  9. Dangly earrings

    Depending on its design, a pair of dangly earrings can switch your look up to makes you look classy, ladylike, cute or funky. (PHOTO: tobi.com)

    Dangly earrings used to be a norm in the past, with a wide variety of unique designs and bright colours. Now, they come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from your average hoops, to a simple yet elegant flow of chains, to animated cartoon figures. With these beautiful earrings in your jewellery box, your outfits will always look fresh and new!


  10. Polo Tees

    Polo tees have a stigma for being a boring clothing item for only golfers, corporate workers, or students. However, that is not the case if you know how to style it well. (PHOTO: twitter.com/muse0423)

    You might see a polo tee or two in your father’s closet, or maybe you have received one after a school event. Most would think it is tacky for a casual wear. If you are willing to explore new outfit combinations though, a polo tee is surely an easy item to match. Similar to a graphic tee, you can try wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath a slightly oversized polo tee. Another suggestion is to pair it with a pair of white or black skinny jeans.