A Day In The Life Of an SGC Dancer

Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of Republic Polytechnic’s Style Groovaz Crew (SGC) IG? In an exclusive coverage of SGC’s 15th Anniversary, photojournalists Vicky Lui and Eileen Chew go behind the scenes of Identity 2019, following SGC President Roberts Chanel Christine to get a glimpse of the action. 
STYLE GROOVAZ CREW: Dancers of all different batches from Style Groovaz Crew (SGC) gather for a picture at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) Theatre on Oct 26, 2019 for the combined show Identity. (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)
TIME TO SHINE: An hour before showtime, Chanel, SGC President and a second-year arts and theatre management student, preps and readies herself for the big performance that they have prepared for, for the last six months, (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)
HEY LOOK MA, I MADE IT: Having to practice long hours for their 15th-anniversary performance must be tiring. Practices lasted up to four hours three times a week. However, to Chanel, this brought her closer to her dance members as they learnt the choreography from one another. (PHOTO BY VICKY LUI HAI QI)
THE GRIND NEVER STOPS: Chanel and her crew practise the choreography for three days a week after school without fail. It is important to them that they perfect their dance moves before presenting their item to the audience. (PHOTO BY VICKY LUI HAI QI)
THE MOVES THROUGH BONDS: Chanel and Anne Gracie hugging it out before the start of their item, titled “Dancehall”. The pair comes from the same batch “Alpha Groovaz” the 14th batch of dancers that have emerged from Style Groovaz Crew (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)
THE DANCE JITTERS: Chanel and Anne yet again, finding comfort in each other’s company as showtime grew closer. The pair grew closer since they started practising for the same item together.(PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)
FEAR AND ANTICIPATION: Whenever she gets nervous, Chanel always remembers how strong her passion is for dancing. She reminds herself to just have fun and enjoy being on the stage. As Chanel says, it is just a matter of mind over body. (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN
WE ARE A FAMILY: The team spirit and bond between the SGC members is evident when everyone exchanges words of encouragement with one another. Chanel said that it is the encouragement that helps her push on with her hectic dance schedules. (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)
HAZY DREAM: Chanel performs on stage during an item titled “Hazy Dream”. The performance lasted for about two minutes and is a shorter version of the actual item for Muse X that goes up to 10 minutes. (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)
A MOTHER’S LOVE: Chanel hugs her mother Mrs. Violy Roberts, who has always been very supportive of Chanel’s passion for dancing, as they celebrate Chanel’s successful performance. Mrs. Roberts always makes an effort to attend big shows such as Identity. (PHOTO BY CHEW YI-NING EILEEN)