5 things every 90s student remembers


1. Friendster

Gone are the days where your popularity was determined by the amount of testimonials on your Friendster profile page. The online world was a very different place a decade ago and every 90s kid would remember the popular social networking site, Friendster. It ruled the social networking world in 2004 before Facebook took the throne. If you’re wondering if your embarrassing pictures are still on your Friendster page, thankfully (or not) Friendster has been revamped into a gaming website and has deleted all profiles. Phew!


2. MSN

Oh, the fond memories of MSN. The chat application will strike nostalgic chords with many 90s kids as we remember logging onto MSN as soon as we got home from school and spending hours typing away in text boxes. This was when emoticons were the thing before emoji’s and getting your crushes attention involved signing in and out to make sure they saw your sign in notification.  MSN was the way to socialise before WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter came along.



You weren’t one of the cool kids in school until you had a Nike sports bottle tucked into the side pocket of your schoolbag. There was a love-hate relationship between kids and this bottle. You loved spraying your friends and having water fights but you hated getting your uniform and belongings soaked. Friendships were ruined by this bottle yet any 90s kid would love to get their hands on one now. It’s hard to spot these bottles around these days but they are still available online (Amazon.com) at an affordable price.



90s kids did not need a fortune teller or a Problem Definition Template (PDT) back then. All they needed was a piece of paper, a pen, and some folding skills to predict the future and solve problems. This game involved picking numbers and colours to decipher issues ranging from which kid in class had a crush on you to solving Multiple Choice Questions.



Every 90s kid will remember passing these books around class and getting friends to sneakily fill it up during lessons. These were done especially before PSLE in Primary 6 as a form of “keeping in touch”. Pages were filled with names, addresses, birthdates, personal preferences and even sweet little notes about being BFFL’s (Best Friends For Life). We even took the time to decorate using multi-coloured pens, highlighters and stickers. But amongst the innocent drawings and badly written poems there were even brutal rankings of friends. Ouch!