5 Tips to Outsmart Concert Ticket Scammers

A collage of concert posters of western artists, Coldplay (top) and Taylor Swift (bottom) scheduled to perform at the National Stadium Singapore in 2024. (PHOTO: Ticketmaster)

Beating concert ticket scammers at their own game.

A collage of concert posters of western artists, Coldplay (top) and Taylor Swift (bottom) scheduled to perform at the National Stadium Singapore in 2024. (PHOTO: Ticketmaster)

With big-name acts like Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and (G)i-dle performing in Singapore, purchasing the tickets can be a real challenge. It is like swimming against a strong current! As fans, we want great seats to see our favourite artists up close too.

However, when we try to buy tickets during the official sale, they sell out in the blink of an eye. So, what is the next thing we do? 

We turn to other sites such as Carousell, Telegram, and Twitter, where people occasionally offer tickets for ridiculously high prices. This is when scam cases happen.

Since January 2023, at least 462 have fallen victim to a scam involving the sale of concert tickets, with total losses amounting to at least S$480,000.

Here are five tips to reduce your risk of falling for concert ticket scammers.

1. Purchase from the Official Website

A more trustworthy source: Ticketmaster is a ticketing platform used by Singaporeans and others around the world to purchase concert tickets. (PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad)

The official site is the most reliable source and offers genuine tickets. Even when it may seem impossible to secure tickets from an official website due to how fast it sells out, it is always recommended to start your ticket hunt here. 

Additionally, purchasing your preferred categories for concerts is frequently reliant entirely on luck. As a result, who knows you might have the luck to secure the exact seats you desire. 

2. Check the Seller’s Reputation

If you are still ticketless after the official sale and are considering third parties, make sure to do thorough research on the seller’s reputation. 

Reviews and Ratings: On Carousell, you can easily check a seller’s reviews and ratings by clicking on their profile. (PHOTO:Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad) 

Higher ratings and positive feedback are strong indicators of a reliable and trustworthy seller. However, if you stumble across an account that was just created, exercise caution. 

Such accounts raise questions since it is possible that they were created with the sole purpose of deceiving desperate buyers.

Be extra cautious when interacting with sellers on Twitter or Telegram. Request for their mobile phone number, and always remember to screenshot your conversations. 

Telegram allows both parties to delete chats, and Twitter allows users to deactivate their accounts. 

To safeguard yourself, ensure you have the seller’s mobile number on record in case of any issues, and do not hesitate to involve the authorities if necessary.

3. Request for Proof

You do not have to feel shy to ask for proof from sellers as this is one of the ways for you to check if the ticket being sold to you is authentic or not. 

The Waiting Begins: Upon purchasing a ticket through Ticketmaster, a ticket purchase confirmation will be sent to the respective buyer. (PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad)

The proof of the ticket can take the form of a confirmation email from the official ticket website or a screenshot of the ticket purchase. 

Confirmation Needed: Within the Ticketmaster account’s “My Ticket” section, this serves as confirmation of the ticket purchase made through the respective user’s account. (PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad

Legitimate sellers who have obtained their tickets through official websites will be more than willing to provide evidence to give reassurance to potential buyers that they are not scamming you. It also shows the credibility of the seller. 

By requesting and reviewing proof for the concert tickets, it helps to reduce the risk of falling victim to ticket scams. 

4. Stay Informed

Group Chat Updates: This is a Telegram group chat created by a (G)i-dle fan where various sub-topics are discussed, including one dedicated to identifying and updating other fans about scammers. (PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad)

On Telegram, there are typically groups you can join to keep track of scammers. In these groups, fans can warn one another about potential scammers or scammers whom they have fallen prey to. 

Joining these groups will help you keep track of scammers so you can add them to your blacklist in case you ever see them trying to sell concert tickets again. 

Through the group chat, it has built a community where fans can alert one another to potential scams so one can avoid them before it is too late. 

Fans will also offer tips and advice when other fans ask them how to spot scams and if they are legitimate sellers or not.

5. Trust your Instinct

As simple as it may sound, trust your instincts. If you feel that the seller is not legitimate and you feel suspicious about the person you are dealing with, it is okay to walk away! 

Allow me to share my own experience to illustrate this point. I was in the process of purchasing a lightstick for an upcoming concert through Telegram.

I requested the seller’s Carousell and Telegram channel in order to take further safety precautions for myself. To my surprise, the seller claimed not to have one, even though they were coordinating a group order.

His response immediately made me sceptical as it seemed more convenient for them to have a Telegram channel to update their buyers.

I trusted my instincts and did not proceed with the purchase. As it turned out, my instincts were right. 

A Scam: Screenshots taken of the chat with the online scammer. (PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad)

About two weeks later, it was revealed in the group chat that the seller was indeed a scammer, and at least five individuals had fallen into their trap. He has also deleted his Telegram account.

Trusting your instincts goes a long way in protecting yourself from potential scams. It enables you to think before you act impulsively.

Be Careful!

Ultimately,  securing concert tickets to see your favourite artists should be an enjoyable experience which is stress-free. It should not have you having the fear of getting scammed. With these five tips, remember to be cautious so that you will not be a target of a concert ticket scam.

By doing so, not only are you keeping your wallet safe but you are also ensuring you have a worry-free experience.

Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!