Pop mart hits town with more collectibles for fans young and old

POP MART RoboShop vending machines are currently available at 19 malls in Singapore, including Causeway Point. PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad.

Surprisingly, young adults are intrigued by unboxing boxes that contain mystery toys.

POP MART RoboShop vending machines are currently available at 19 malls in Singapore, including Causeway Point. PHOTO: Nur Syaqirah Binte Ahmad.

You have probably heard about the POP MART craze that has been going around Singapore for the past few months. When scrolling through social media platforms such as TikTok, It is likely that you would see at least one post related to POP MART blind box toys.

For these blind toys, unboxing videos are incredibly popular. Then, you might ask, what exactly is the hype about?

Blind box toys give consumers the “adrenaline rush” as they are not sure of what they are getting until it is opened. 

Nur FarahJihan Binte Rasid, 21, a second-year Mass Communication student shares that not knowing what she is getting is “exciting” and gives her “satisfaction”. 

Each of these blind boxes contain a different toy and meaning. Blind box toys themed Disney, Harry Potter, and The Hirono Series are available at POP MART. Figurines that are rare are referred to as ‘secret figures’. 

Founded in 2010, POP MART is a market-leading supplier of pop culture and art toys, and it is one of the biggest manufacturers of blind box toys.


The hashtags #popmartsingapore and #popmartunboxing have received more than 330.4 thousand and 94.4 million views, respectively, on TikTok, indicating that the POP MART craze is not about to end any time soon.

Unexpectedly, adults rather than children are the ones who are unboxing the blind boxes that contain the toys. 

Singaporean influencers such as Leah Shannon (@mizchiefmagik) and Charmaine Sew (@charmainesew) often upload videos on TikTok to show their followers their unboxing from POP MART. The public have frequently left comments on their unboxing videos expressing their excitement for them.

Leah Shannon (Left), Ka Yan N (middle), and Charmaine Sew (right) are known for their reactions to unboxing POP MART on TikTok (PHOTO: @mizchiefmagik & @charmaineSew, Tiktok)

The viewers find it exciting as they can sense the anticipation behind the screen and root for the influencers to unbox the POP MART that they desire.

As Leah is known for her love for these mystery toy boxes, they have collaborated with her during the launch of the Hirono “Little Mischief” series where Leah shares her unboxing experience live on POP MART Singapore’s instagram account. 


The Hirono series is one of the most popular blind box series from POP MART. Its art style is similar to Maurice Bernard Sendak, an American author and illustrator of children’s books. 

It has released two series, “The Other One” and “Little Mischief”.

The first Hirono series, “The Other One” have figurines called “The Ghost”, “Amnesia” and “The Fox”.

If one analyses the Hirono series’ deeper meaning, there is more to it. “The Ghost” figurine is Hirono covering himself with a blanket to indicate his desire to hide. There are several meanings that can be derived from this. 

Youtuber, Kiyoshi Itatsu, reviewed the Hirono “The Other One” series. 

According to his interpretation, “The Ghost” is trying to convey the message that while some people may leave their home countries in search of better opportunities, there are times when the pressures of life become too much for them, leaving them feeling empty and wanting to hide.

He said: “This is what the figure is trying to deliver and I think it’s honestly a realistic situation a lot of people are facing.”

The Hirono Series is able to capture the essence of feelings through the design and message that it is trying to deliver. Each figurine in the series has a backstory, and because consumers can interpret the stories in their own unique ways, it distinguishes it from other series. Hence, making it one of the most well-liked collections. 

Steffi Wong, 19, currently in Management Foundation Studies at SIM Global Education, is a POP MART collector in Singapore. She started by collecting the Hirono series in 2021 and has spent hundreds of dollars ever since.

One of Pop Mart’s most well-liked collections, the Hirono series, is completely out of stock everywhere both online and at physical stores. (PHOTO: Steffi Wong)

She said: “The background story is something I can resonate with and each figurine are very well done in terms of expressing what they each mean.” 


Collecting blind box toys is fun for everyone thanks to the variety of themes offered by POP MART. There should be no misconception that toys are only for children. 

“I don’t feel ashamed that I am collecting toys at all! When you look around, adults are showing their excitement to unbox the blind box which to me is very interesting.” explained Jihan. 

“There is indeed no age limit to collecting POP MART” added Jihan proudly.