A few words with Fawzia Koofi

Fawzia Koofi sits for a quick chat with The Republican Post, sharing her memories and challenges of living in Afghanistan.


  • Who inspires you?

Indira Gandhi. When I was young, I remember wondering how a woman can be so brave to stand up to men and lead the whole country.

  • How do you stay positive all the time?

It comes from the demand of my country for change and that itself gives me strength and motivation. The love I get from people keeps me positive. Of course, there are days when it’s tough. Sometimes, I go on not laughing for days and then I miss laughing.

  • What is your main challenge?

Personal security.

  • Can you recall any tough childhood moment?

I remember this moment when my mother, sister and I were running from the Taliban, and my sister suggested that I be thrown into the river as I was keeping them behind. Though I was very young, it hit me that she would not have said that if I was a boy.

  • What was your calling to make a change in Afghanistan?

It was when my husband was thrown into jail and the Taliban mistreated me and other women. I felt discriminated against.

  • Do you ever feel like giving up?

Many days in my life, I felt that it was not worth to continue because of the disappointments. However, there are days that I am happy and I want to continue.

  • How do your daughters feel about you running for President?

My daughters are great supporters; they even promote my messages on their social accounts. Being ambitious themselves, they motivate me to strive on.