Dance at Momentum touches hearts

STANDOUT: The performance by Dharma Tarian was one highlight of Momentum. (Photo: Iffah Yasmin Abdullah)
STANDOUT: The performance by Dharma Tarian was one highlight of Momentum. (Photo: Iffah Yasmin Abdullah)
The annual dance festival at Republic Polytechnic, Momentum was back for its sixth outing this year. We got a glimpse of some of the performances held over two days in mid-May at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC).

This year, RP’s signature dance festival, Momentum kept its promise to vow audiences with the beauty of dance. But more than that, the organisers behind it also added a social element – a group of students from the Down Syndrome Association (DSA) took part as well, warming the hearts of many who came to watch them.

The Maya Dance Theatre worked hand in hand with the DSA to create a special dance item. The children from DSA were equally good and watching them dance so well and hearing them voice out their dreams moved many emotionally.

“I wanted to send a simple message to everyone in the show that we all have dreams and goals and it is important to have the courage to reach it even if it takes a small step,” said Mohammed Hafeez Bin Hassan, a 29-year-old performer and instructor who was also one of the main choreographers for this dance item.

Mohammed Hafeez also added that working with DSA children was indeed a refreshing experience for him. “I have learned a lot from them because they are a bunch of big hearted people.” Aside from that highlight, the performance put up by the Malay Cultural Group (MCG) Dharma Tarian was a standout of the festival. Mr Fathurrahman Bin Said, 48, the instructor for MCG Tarian said the challenge for this year was how to mix tradition with modernity, something the dancers took seriously.

“Tradition doesn’t make things rigid in the midst of modernisation. In fact, it supports some of the most important aspects of the modern life, like harmony and passion.

“Through this dance piece, we’re highlighting the progression of traditional elements of dance into the modern traditional,” said Ahmad Bahri bin Ab Rahim, 20, a student from the School of Applied Science and a dancer with MCG Tarian.

One of the dancers, Siti Raihana Binte Mohammad Nassir, 19, a School of Sports and Leisure Management student said all the hard work paid off: “We were so thrilled to be part of this important festival!’’