I wish you knew…

School teacher Kyle Schwartz tried to address this by asking her students to finish the sentence ‘I wish my teacher knew’ when she first started teaching at a school in Denver, United States. She then shared the lesson with others and it became a sensation with the Twitter hashtag “#iwishmyteacherknew” going viral.

Student Quotes:

Clarissa Ng Chen Qian, 19, SAS:

“I wish my facilitator would understand how frustrating it is to be marked late on rainy days.”

Nurfasyira Binte Johar, 20, SHL:

“I wish my facilitator knew that all students are bright and they need to treat each and every student equally.”

Genie Lam Kah Xin, 20, SOH:

“I wish my facilitator knew that my friends have been ignoring my presence.”

Mandeep Singh, 20, STA:

“I wish my facilitator knew that I have a crush on her.”

Poon Yong Sheng, 19, SHL:

“I wish my facilitator knew that what seems easy to you may not be as easy to the rest of the students.”
Faci Quotes:

Mr Jose De Castro, STA:

“I wish students will understand that education is the key to their future.”


Dr Ng Foo Meng, SOI:

“I wish that my students knew that the success of their tomorrow is dependent on your discipline.”

Ms Jaquiline Ang-Danker, SMC:

“I wish my students knew that they always have a choice.”