Momentum scores with everything from ballet to breakdance

ELEGANT: Ballerinas displaying their feather like movements as they showcase their set. (PHOTO CREDITS: Kelda Chua)

For those of you in Republic Polytechnic (RP) who have yet to experience the Momentum Dance Festival – future editions may not have seats left for last minute audiences. This year, the eighth edition of the dance extravaganza that The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) hosts was sold out to a cheering crowd who got to sample everything from ballet to breakdance. A week-long programme culminated in the signature showcase, a one-and-a half-hour show held on the 29th and 30th May 2015 at RP’s TRCC. This year’s theme was “Our Memories” in a nod to the nation’s Jubilee celebrations.

Throughout the week, a string of activities were held including dance workshops featuring Malay Dance, Modern Dance, Bollywood and even the ever popular K-Pop.

The mass workout with RP’s Capoeira and Zumba Interest Groups (IG) at the W1 Forum witnessed huge crowds. Each day of the week attracted a different group with students filling the walkways of the ever bustling South Agora. The pre-showcase activities allowed RP students to let loose and dance  to the beat as they made their way home or were taking a break from their classes.

In the main showcase, the focus was on cultural diversity. This year, the performers included Bukit Batok Secondary School Malay Dance, ITE West College KPOP Dance Wave, Dance Spectrum International, NUS Chinese Dance, NUS Dance Ensemble, Fernvale Primary Indian Dance, CHIJ Toa Payoh Dance Ensemble, Si Ling Secondary School Malay Dance as well as RP’s very own Capoeira, Hip Hop, Tarian, Indian Cultural Group and Modern Dance.

At the main showcase, one of the best performances was performed by the ITE West College – their K-Pop inspired piece was a stunning display of strength, agility and sheer energy. The other stand out piece was the NUS Dance Ensemble, choreographed by RP’s dance maestro Zaini Tahir who also made a guest appearance in the piece.

Bryan Lim, 22, a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Science student, also a member of the Electronic Music Production IG, attended the main showcase with his group of friends. He said: “It’s not every day that you get to experience a showcase with a variety of dance performances from RP and other schools that took part. I would say that Momentum was really enriching and was a platform for me to appreciate these dancers and their passion for what they do.”

Jonathan Chee, 20, an ex-student of RP and ex-band member for Replug added: “Momentum is a display of the long hours and dedication these dancers put in to creating such a spectacular performance for their audience. Not many can relate to that but as a fellow performer, I understand that a showcase like this is where the appreciation and support for these dancers are displayed and it is very encouraging and rewarding.”