One RP, many offerings

The Republic Polytechnic Open House 2017 showcases many different activities for visitors to learn more about the wide array of course offerings at the institution. Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar captures some of the highlights.

ONE FOR THE ALBUM: As visitors make their way around the Republic Polytechnic’s Open House 2017, they will encounter many photo booths set up for them to update their social media accounts. This is the first of many such booths that visitors will encounter. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
MEET AND GREET: Students coming to Republic Polytechnic’s Open House are able to meet with various RP staff and lecturers as well as student leaders to find out more about the wide variety of course offerings at RP. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
CARDS ON THE TABLE: Other than meeting with RP lecturers and staff to find out about the different courses offered, visiting secondary school students can also have fun playing games including this card game with the friendly RP student leaders who help out at the various diploma booths. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
PUT THE RECORD ON: School of Technology for the Arts students set up a DJ booth playing various genres of music to entertain visitors throughout the entire day of the Open House, while showcasing some of the school’s own strengths in the arts and creative industries. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
BROADCASTING LIVE: Two students from Greenridge Secondary get a chance to experience what it feels like to be broadcast reporters for RepTV at the Diploma in Mass Communication booth of the School of Management and Communication. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
AIN’T NO WALL HIGH ENOUGH: A student from Springfield Secondary takes up the challenge to conquer the rock climbing wall which is part of the Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning booth at the School of Sports, Health and Leisure. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
ABOVE AND BEYOND: A student from the School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL) demonstrates the way to clear the bar at an indoor pole vault set-up at the school’s booth. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)
MUSICAL STAIRS: Visitors to the RP Open House will remember the sweet sounds that their steps make at this interactive piano staircase put up by the School of Technology for the Arts. Using sensors, the stairs light up with music when someone steps on it. (Photo: Syed Shaffiq Salim Albar)