Playdate for the young and old

A week before Christmas in 2016, students and staff from the School of Management and Communication (SMC) in Republic Polytechnic came together to host a Corporate Social Responsibility event for young and old beneficiaries from the Woodlands Care Corner and Sunlove Senior Activity Centre. Marianne Das highlights some memorable moments.

WORKING HAND IN HAND: Volunteers from the School of Management and Communication (SMC) prepare origami paper for an activity. The Playdate! With SMC event was organised and run by over 90 student leaders from SMC. (PHOTO: Marianne Das)
DRAWING THE FIRST IMPRESSION: One of the icebreakers required beneficiaries to introduce themselves to their student leaders and partners with the help of a creative, personalised doodle. PHOTO: Marianne Das
AGED BUT ACCURATE: Similar to Beer Ping Pong (minus the beer), beneficiaries had to score points by successfully throwing ping pong balls into cups from a distance. Though difficult for the younger ones, this game was well-loved by the elderly. PHOTO: Marianne Das
SPREADING THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT: Beneficiaries from Woodlands Care Corner had put up a short Christmas dance medley. After performing on their own, they invited everyone else to join in with them. Close to 70 beneficiaries, from as young as seven, attended the event. PHOTO: Marianne Das
COME JOGET WITH ME: Many of the elderly beneficiaries were sporting enough to join in the dance medley. Some even improvised on the dance moves and made it their own. PHOTO: Marianne Das
GETTING CRAFTY: Beneficiaries were allowed to get their creative juices flowing during this activity. With the help of some markers and stencil, their blank tote bags were quickly personalised which they could then bring home. PHOTO: Marianne Das
PIECING AS A PAIR: In order to beat the clock, Lee Yan Xuan, 7, had to work closely with her elderly partner to complete their jigsaw puzzle in time. PHOTO: Marianne Das
WE SHOULD TOTES DECORATE: Mdm Vijaya (centre), 65, expressed that this was her most memorable moment from the day as she likes to do arts and crafts but hardly has the chance to do so anymore. PHOTO: Marianne Das
MEMORIES FOR THE FUTURE: In this activity, beneficiaries could create their own time capsule. In it, they would write a letter and personalise the time capsule with various decorative items. PHOTO: Marianne Das