Playing Pokemon Go in RP? Here’s what have been sighted thus far

COMMON FIND: This stray Pidgey was spotted trudging in South Agora and is reported to be one of the most common Pokémon Go characters in the game.

Pokémon Go is taking Singapore by storm, with many players staking out in Hougang, Orchard and Woodlands to play the game. Republic Polytechnic, with its vast campus, has also become a popular haunt for players looking to nab the game’s elusive characters. Here are some characters that have been spotted by players in the week since the game was launched in Singapore.


Common characters such as Eevee, Caterpie, Ekans, Weedle, Exeggcute, Kakuna and Magikarp have been spotted across South Agora. In fact, these common characters are so pervasive around RP such that one character, Pidgey, has been dubbed RP’s Pokemon. While they may excite beginners to the game, catching a string of these characters may put a damper on the mood of experienced players.


Only three uncommon Pokémon characters have been reported thus far. The first was a Cloyster, captured at W2 by a delightful Jerome Mah from the School of Applied Science. The other two were Golduck and Parasect, both of which were found at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) by lucky trainers.


These are the extraordinary creatures that are the toughest to locate and catch, but leave the trainers wanting more. RP’s One Stop Centre is deemed the “Snorlax spot” as the big bellied Pokémon was sighted at that area on multiple occasions, with each event triggering a burst of rushing students hankering for it. Rarities such as Tangela and Muk evoked similar enthusiasm after having been found at South Agora and South Canteen respectively. Onix, the last of the four rare Pokémon found in school, was reported to be seen at the campus entrance.

The Good

Two words: Cardiovascular benefits. Getting out and walking around are pre-requisites to play the game. Instead of sitting on the sofa for hours on end, players will be basking in the sunshine whilst capturing virtual Pokémon Go characters at the same time.

Within the game itself, Nintendo has done a remarkable job at mimicking the virtual Pokémon world and incorporating it into real life. It successfully implemented Pokéstops and ‘Gyms’ at actual landmarks, and have the surroundings determine the type of Pokémon you will see. For example, Gastly only emerges at night and Aquatic Pokémon, such as Horsea, are located near water bodies.

The Bad

Despite bearing striking similarities to Pokémon cartoons most of us are accustomed to watching whilst growing up, Pokémon Go lacks certain functions. Most notably, players are unable to battle with other real life players. Presently, they can only battle and train their Pokémon with bots at the ‘Gym’. This limits the game to mostly hunting for Pokémon and collecting Experience Points required for evolution.

Last But Not Least

As fun as it is to catch them all, it is imperative to take heed of safety precautions whilst navigating in the real world, especially in the midst of accidents occurring worldwide pertaining to the game. Always remember to stay vigilant when chasing Pokémon, and keep a lookout for oncoming vehicles.