Service in learning

ALL SMILES: Celebrating her graduation, Mdm Rasidah (Left) is Mutmaina’s source of inspiration. (Photo: Charmaine Aw)
ALL SMILES: Celebrating her graduation, Mdm Rasidah (Left) is Mutmaina’s source of inspiration. (Photo: Charmaine Aw)

DEDICATION and hard work are the usual ingredients that top graduates cite as their recipes for success.

Nurul Mutmaina, 20, who clinched eight out of 10 module prizes last year and has won the diploma prize two years in a row, is no different.

The Diploma in Health Management and Promotion graduate said that she conscientiously attended the UT clinics to clear her doubts and compiled her notes deliberately to aid her understanding and prepare well for the exams.

“Having a passion in what you are studying can make learning fun for you and in that way, you are able to strive hard and achieve good results,” she added.

But, there’s a bigger reason that pushed her to do well in her studies.

“One of the reasons why I wanted to do well in my studies is to support my parents when I start working,” said Mutmaina with a smile.

This spirit of service is evident from the way she spends her free time: volunteering at

Sunlove Home, which cares for 200 intellectually-disabled patients ranging from 22 to 75 years of age.

There, Mutmaina helps the physiotherapist with translation work and strengthening exercises for the elderly patients.

She was introduced to Sunlove Home during her internship. Over time, she fostered a strong bond with the elderly and other volunteers there, eventually deciding to start volunteering when she has the time to do so.

Mutmaina is also inspired by her mother, Mdm Rasidah Bte Rahmat, 48, who works in a hospital and who often motivates her daughter to help others where possible.

“I feel proud of my daughter as she has a heart to help the elderly in need and that she can let the elderly know that there is still someone who cares and is willing to help them,” Mdm Rasidah said.

Mutmaina said that finding the balance between her work and school could be challenging and even difficult at times. But, she kept track of her studies closely.

With her successful application to the National Institute of Education (NIE), Mutmaina is set to continue being of service to others. Only now, as a teacher to the future generation.

“I have a passion in helping others discover themselves and transform and achieve their dreams,” she said.