Three stops away from this latest hangout

HAWKER HEROES: The hawkers at this newly opened 800-seater Yishun Park Hawker Centre are called Hawker Heroes who brave the heat and long hours to prepare food for the customers. PHOTO: Zander Moh

The Yishun Park Hawker Centre, which opened on September 20 this year, has 15 cooked food stalls serving a wide variety of food.

Located at 51 Yishun Avenue, the centre also boasts a Games Square where patrons can work out after a meal and enjoy free WiFi, pinball machines and a screening of sports matches.

“There are so many options here from Thai, Indonesian, western, to Chinese food,” said Gabriel Stephen, a first-year Sonic Arts student of RP. “It’s insane how many stalls they have.”

The average price of the food at this hawker centre, which is managed by Timbre Group, is $4 per serving. The price can be further discounted if you download the Tuck Shop mobile application – an electronic payment method where customers can pay for their food by scanning the QR code at the respective shops and are entitled to a 10 per cent discount.


  • Signature Touch Master Chicken Curry with Prata ($8)
PACKS A PUNCH: The strong spicy taste and the tenderness of the chicken in this signature curry chicken dish is perfect for spice lovers. (PHOTO: ZANDER MOH)

THUMBS UP: The curry contains two to three tender pieces of chicken, a whole hard-boiled egg and potato. The spring onion roti prata and plain roti prata were both crispy and flavourful which went well with the curry.

  • Seafood White bee hoon ($5.80)
LOADED UP: Loaded with seafood, vegetables and beehoon, this small plate of seafood white beehoon can fill up at least two of you. (PHOTO: ZANDER MOH)

THUMBS UP: The portion is really huge, enough to satisfy two people. The dish contains a lot of vegetables and seafood such as clams, squid and prawns with a good amount of bee hoon and gravy as well.