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Pearls centre, Outram Park
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This place may make your hair stand. The building’s carpark has been abandoned, and a body of a man was recently found there. But Pearls Centre, which is located near Chinatown, is highly accessible. Go quickly: It will be closed in late August to make way for the construction of the Thomson MRT line.

Portsdown Road
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Situated in the heart of One-North, it takes a bit of walking to get into the area. But nestled among the greenery are these amazing colonial-styled houses which were built in the 1940s.

W7, Republic Polytechnic
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The recently built W7 building is the perfect place to explore on campus. Many have yet to set foot in it, so be the first among your peers to do so.


Azmi’s Photo Tip!
Good composition is key to any beautiful photos. There are many ways to approach to it. A simple trick I love to use is symmetry. Symmetry makes photographs aesthetically pleasing because it creates a sense of balance, which is why many photographers use it.


Istana Woodneuk, opposite Pierce Road
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Once the royal palace for the Johor Sultan, Istana Woodneuk is now an abandoned building. One must trek through muddy terrain and a forested area to get to this heritage site, located on a small hill bounded by Holland Road and Tyersall Avenue.

Lalang Field, Punggol
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The place many couples go to take their wedding photos. This wonderful lalang field at the Punggol Waterway Park turns magical during sunrise and sunset, giving a dreamy feel to photos.


Iskandar’s Photo Tip!
There are many smartphone software apps available to enhance the finish of your photos. I use VSCO Cam, but I would recommend you to explore the basic editing elements such as adjusting the brightness or contrast to achieve different moods and effects. Instasize is another easy app to use, but crop and resize wisely. Always remember to crop out the unwanted details at the side of the picture first. Then resize it. Remember, every detail counts.