Sights and Sounds at RP Open House 2017

This year’s RP Open House features various interactive booths to attract visitors to learn more about the many courses that the poly offers. Shannon Ng captures the highlights.

WELCOME TO RP: Inflatable air dancers welcome the Open House visitors with their bright smiles. This year’s OH is held from January 5-7. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
CAMERAS ROLLING: Students from STA’s Diploma in Media Production and Design showcase the skills they learnt in class, impressing the visitors with their knowledge of commands and confidence as they execute the directing, camera work and even walking down the runway. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
MUSIC TO MY EARS: This year, SOH stepped up their hospitality game, living up to their name, with a buffet set up for visitors and live performances by talented singers. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
EVERYBODY LOVES FREE FOOD: Student helpers make and give out candyfloss to visitors so they have something sweet to munch on while they walk around the school. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
PUT ON YOUR BRIGHT SMILES: Not only was the Open House fun for our visitors but it was fun for the student helpers as well. Student helpers from SHL were all smiles for the camera as they hung onto their indoor rock wall. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
MAKE ME A FLOWER: Student helpers put their balloon sculpting skills to good use during the open house – making flowers, swords and bracelets etc. upon request; bringing smiles to the visitors’ faces. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
ENGAGING WITH ART: Members of Dikir Barat showcased not only their musical talents and harmony but also provided visitors with an engaging performance with their bright and comical facial expressions. (Photo: Shannon Ng)
ENGAGING WITH BEAUTY: Year 3 Arts and Theatre Management student who did special effects make up for ‘scarers’ at the recent Halloween Horror Nights showcased her make up skills to give visitors a glimpse of the opportunities her diploma offers. (Photo: Shannon Ng)