Sports stars shine in Glitz 2013

THAT WINNING FEELING: RP’s female Tchoukball Team was awarded team of the year during the Glitz awards ceremony at the TRCC on 21st June 2013. This year, the Glitz dress code was ‘neon’. (Photo: Geneieve Teo)

The women traded their shorts for lacy gowns and heels. Men replaced their tights for suits and ties. Add a splash of neon prints, from faces to fingernails and we had an eclectic range of attendees for the night’s Glitz Award.

Glitz is a celebration and recognition of a student’s passion, dedication and contribution towards RP’s sports development and excellence. The event was held at the TRCC on 21st June 2013 and was graced by Principal/CEO of RP, Mr Yeo Li Pheow.

Mr Yeo highlighted the accolades that RP has reaped locally and internationally in the academic year 2012/2013. The theme for the bash was neon and true to form, the night was a throwback to the 70s. The entire team from the Bowling IG wore matching checkered pants.

The curtain raiser was a performance by RP’s Cheerleading IG, fresh from their historical achievement in Japan earlier this year. Their acrobatic stunts enthralled the audience and set the tone for the celebration of sports that followed.

But the real stars of the night were the sportsmen and women of RP. Sportsman of the Year, Kandasamy Naidu Keerthiban of Archery IG said Glitz was a wonderful way to acknowledge all the hard work that the teams put in for competitions.

Said Kandasamy: “There are good sportsmen in all types of sports and when you are being evaluated on a common platform it’s not really easy to expect this award.’’
Sportswoman of the Year, Mustika Natasha, felt her team was a far more deserving winner than herself. “If there were any categories that I wanted to win, it would be Team of the Year. Because personally, an individual award doesn’t reflect that soccer is a team sport and that would have been really special, ‘’ said Mustika, also the captain for the RP Women’s Soccer Team.

Captain of the Year award winner (Hockey IG) Nurhaishireen Bte Mohd Rahim from SAS encouraged everyone to thank their captains, presidents and team managers for their sacrifices and effort. “You may think that they didn’t do much, but there are a lot of behind the scenes work they do that the members would not know,’’ she said.